Human Waves







The following thoughts and general observations only refer to teachings and traditions of cultures as a whole and are not meant to lack Respect in any way to those people who are part of these cultures or Religions. 

The individual is not responsible for the teachings received since birth.




The Chosen People  

Time has always brought change hence hope for the future

although the views of all populations in regard to the Jews

have so far remained unchanged throughout the course of history.

People have always called them greedy, parasites, masters of lies ....

but in the UK and USA, the Jews are fully protected

and no one dares to talk publicly about the vices of this Culture.

Media and governments all over the World

are always under strong pressure to follow that same example.


As they believe they are the "chosen people" from God

the Jews are also the sworn enemies of Equality.


After 3,000 troubled years,

the Jewish Culture can be defined today with utmost clarity:


The more they feel protected the more they become arrogant.

Fear and arrogance allow them to only look up or down.

They detest any form of transparency and they know

better than anyone else how to navigate in turbid waters.

Corruption is their vital organ.

They adore a deep voice and have a constant need of attention.


Their "sense of humor" revolves around bashing on cultures and people from all over while they accuse anti-Semite any remark about them.

They find very amusing to be the judges of everyone.


One famous "sense of guilt" follows them everywhere

and the word "sorry" is always their companion.


With a tight hold on Hollywood, TV stations and newspapers

their influence has no rivals in the World

and reflects more and more in the values of our times.


Nevertheless, no individual should be found guilty

only for being born in a certain part of the World

or for having learned what was taught since childhood.

It is not a matter of DNA or races.

Instead, it is about Cultures.


The nature of this Culture exemplifies the role of the middle man.

Like the eternal second, It is near the strongest

but also at a safe distance from the trouble it stirs.


One peculiarity of this Culture

is the need to always look up to someone and idolize who is "better" (like who is richer or more famous. Who is more .....).


That is why

the Jewish culture is perfect for the agents of the New World Order and for their adored pyramid that would enslave all, except





A kingmaker has an ugly Plan sculptured on his face

He's stubbornly dead set to lead the Jewish race

For a Greater State of Israel he wants to be remembered

Like Rothschild before him, a Zionist unencumbered

His name is Sheldon Adelson, an old and rich tycoon

Who sought two bishops for his dream before he will be gone

So, for years he had financed in US and Israel every election

Now in his hands are Trump and Netanyahu for his biblical ambition

For this Greater State of Israel, all in Syria and Iraq had to be overrun

Lebanon, Jordan, Egypt and Iran are also part of the Yinon Plan

This project would not involve only the above mentioned Nations

Rather, the whole World would feel it straight at its foundations

He longs for a World dictator and king of the Jews to be well prepped

And readied for that role by the steps of a much hated manuscript



On Guard!

Not against the greed, hypocrisy and selfishness of our culture imported by Jewish, Christian and Muslim Religions.

No need to stay on guard against these 3 Religions

that for the past 3,000 years have been disgracing the name of God.

Instead, stay on guard from a well known group of individuals that plays with these three Religions and bets the Destiny of Humankind

in a Plan that is so ambitious it is almost unimaginable.


You are invited to read the Protocols of the Elders of Zion.

Much has been said about this century old manuscript

describing the minutes of a very specific Plan

for a World dominated by only one man, one World Dictator.

Some say that it is a hoax while others are convinced that

it is a reverse conspiracy written to blame a certain group of people.

Today that book should be read from a new and different angle.

Although in the past everyone have disowned,

pointed finger and repudiated the paternity of this manuscript,

today it is no longer relevant to know who wrote it.

Instead, it is important to know the fact that

its strategy is being executed with utmost precision

and could soon be finalized by this group of individuals.

Too many similarities during the last few years

coincide with escalating events already described as the final stage

of the Plan in this manuscript.


Read it with an open mind and without prejudice toward any person

or Religion. For the most part, the religious followers are in good faith and not aware of this Plan based upon the Biblical concept of one

"chosen people".


During World War Two, the propaganda of this manuscript

has been used to instigate all people against the Jews

and became one of the main causes for the Holocaust. This has brought nothing but animalistic destruction of many innocent lives.


Instead, the sinister words of this manuscript, used to describe

such hate for Humankind, can be clearly explained today.

Those words are based on one single principle

and its belief that Equality does not exist



The Phantom War

In the Second World War, USA and UK

have liberated the Jewish people and the whole World

to become the ambassadors of Human rights and Democracy.

But after the War one new element infiltrated those two Countries.

The Jewish influence among the winners had given a body to the Zionist ideal.

It was the birth of the State of Israel.


In the mirage of this Biblical prophecy, one "chosen people" reside

at the top of one virtual pyramid and pull the strings in all Countries.


 A Great War will take place to satisfy their immense Greed.

It will be the excuse of the Zionists

to seize all the economic powers and all the world resources.


At the origin of this Plan there is one Shadow Government that rules from behind the scenes and orchestrates CIA, MI6 and Mossad,

the 3 secret agencies of USA, UK and Israel.

The objective is a Greater State of Israel

at the top of a New World Order.


It will be a War driven by Deception.

And in this regard 9/11 was a "masterpiece" of the Zionists

who managed to make the entire world believe

that Osama Bin Laden had done it. 


After having plotted 9/11, the Zionist army

(the secret agencies from Israel, USA, UK and Saudi Arabia)

has formed and financed ISIS (like also Al Qaeda and Al Nusra)

for an asymmetric warfare aimed to instigate

and to aggravate all conflicts everywhere in the Middle East,

except in Israel that will remain invisible and behind the scenes

until in Jerusalem the Al Aqsa mosque will be destroyed.


All this happens while the citizens in the west remain in the dark

and at the mercy of a propaganda from the media

that keeps them blindfolded and hides the real culprits.

A double cross on a large scale to inflame the public opinion

and to offer an Excuse for this World War.


The conflict manipulated by the Zionists will be geographically split

on two fronts:

Russia, China and Arab States (except Saudi Arabia) on one side. 

Israel, USA and UK on the other.


To better see the Picture you may also view the conflict

as one between the Anglo-Judaic governments and elites

joined in a common goal (the New World Order)

and positioned against the rest of Humanity.


Through a strategy made of Terror and Deception, the Zionists

will continue to monitor and to separate all people everywhere

in hope to face many weak and divided oppositions

rather than one strong and united.


The War will be named like a clash between two Cultures,

a conflict between Western and Eastern bloc,

when instead such War in the name of some Nations

will be opposed by all populations (including those Anglo-Judaic).


The start of this War will be inevitable.

But from the next day it will be possible and crucially important

to change its objective.


Not to remain entrapped by the Zionist Plan, the Conflict must be redefined from the beginning and fought only pro or against Equality without distinction for Religion, race or Country.


The Zionist strategy is "Divide and Conquer".

A new Humankind will be like water and will submerge that idea.



Murphy's Law

The next War

certainly would not be another one like all those in the past.


Today, differently from the past, we have weapons that in a matter of seconds can decimate Humanity with surgical precision.

It will be possible to choose one by one all those who will survive.

For example, through the system ISR (Intelligence, Surveillance, Reconnaissance) that incredibly in the future will even be more lethal.


Recently, we have known of ISR from the rebellion of thousands of employees of Google that have even quit their job just not to participate in this program from the Pentagon called Project Maven.

In the end, its existence was declassified and admitted, but this project of the US military apparatus in participation with Google would have made possible that all data from Google (including all photos and videos), already collected on every one of us and already transferred to Data Centers, could be sent via satellite directly to a drone.

On any instant, these data would have been autonomously analyzed through algorithms and given the drone the power to identify any individual as a target to hit. 


The Murphy's Law says that if a certain something could happen

then soon or later it will happen.



the same agent or military officer that today works on this project should ask himself if he or his own family are really sure that any data already collected from them will never interfere in their own life simply because of a vice or whim of a drone.



TV and newspapers will never tell you that the airplanes crashed on 9/11 were hijacked with a new technology and flown via remote control like a drone (Dov Zakheim's Flight Termination System) and that, before the attack, this technology had already been tested in the small military air base of MacDill in Florida.

It was instead the Israeli Mossad of Ariel Sharon to place the explosives that brought down the twin towers and building 7 in New York (all mass media remained silent in regard to building 7 that fell without being hit by any plane or other).


Israeli agents were in fact arrested nearby on 9/11 transporting large amount of explosives in a white van (Chevrolet 2000) but they were later released by the Bush administration.


The media have never reported the fact that Marvin Bush,

brother of the US president, was one of the principals of Stratesec,

the company in charge for the security of the 3 buildings fallen at the World Trade Center.


As for Blair instead the media did not pay much attention to his strange mood swings and sudden change of course following what was one of the most sinister meetings in modern history. One should look again at the video footage of the conferences before and after his meeting with George Bush in Crawford Texas on April 06 2002 when for the first time after the attack they were in private. Bush told Blair that the attack on 9/11 was made by the loyalists of his father at the CIA in cahoots with the secret services of Israel and Saudi Arabia. It was the offer of a Pact that on two feet Blair did not know how to refuse and that left him visibly unsettled for the rest of that day.


All this was never reported by the media although the future of all people depends on how 9/11 is intended. 



Pro or Against Equality

When a new World War will take place it will happen by surprise and will be preceded by an incredible series of betrayals.

It will be a game of alliances and betrayals made public by the media to further confuse the public opinion.

It will be a game of power incomprehensible to many.

The Solution is on the other side of the spectrum

or to make this World War as simple and understandable for all:

a conflict pro or against Equality.


"Do not do to others what you would not want them to do to you"

Although something should be added to this dictum.

In lack of that same reciprocity and initial Trust

that will have to exist in all relations between the citizens of the World instead of turning the other cheek

there would be maximum severity and total intolerance.


At the time of conflict and in the moment of need, as sign of solidarity and respect of Equality, one should be able to ask and when possible to receive for the sake of sharing from any individual that is encountered foods and shelters for at least 24 hours.


The conflict Pro or Against Equality is about new understandings of the individual. No longer to the forms but to the essence is where our attentions must turn. Also because the forms for any individual always change over the time while the essence instead remains always the same. Hence, a new look at the individual at new depths, recognizing a superior relevance to that same energy that we all have in common rather than to the changing form.

This will gradually lead to a universal perception of the Human being, each as a fragment of one single Divine Idea.


To respect that same Idea will mean to respect all of Its components and not to respect the other

will be as to be opposed to the Idea of the Creator.


Eventually, the World will need to be seen as one single organism.

This could only happen with a change of perceptions.



Christianity 2.0

"The Truth is like a lion. You don't need to defend it.

Let it loose; it will defend itself."

That is what Augustine of Hippo preached in the fourth century.

But that was in fact only a simple hope.


The Human being lives in a world of perceptions and today, in a time when just a few rewrite history, the events are constantly altered and with clear intention hide that very same Truth. Those few have a Plan that is well-defined and like a ghost seizes the minds of those oblivious. That ghost wears a smile on its face spreading with malice false promises of Liberty and Democracy. It wants to subvert all Countries. Through its voice, transmitted by the mass media, systematically corrupts the values and the traditions of each civilization. More than anything else, the ghost fights against the concept of Equality so dangerous for the hegemony of any power.


You may notice how even recently, from John Kennedy to Martin Luther King, the promoters of Equality have all paid a dear price. They were killed by the same hand of the Zionists that two thousand years ago killed Jesus and today is hidden inside the glove of the CIA at the service of Israel.


Jesus, born in that Jewish world made of casts and reigned by arrogance, was in fact the first to recognize that without Equality there will never be Peace.


Today more than ever, Equality, that same concept that is so repelled by the Ego inborn in every Human being, is the only possibility for the survival of all and that of the entire Planet.


Based upon a new Science,

the recognition of Wavevolution,

hence recognition of Equality,

is like a new edition of the original Christianity.



The Point of Light

A planned chain of events has already started before your eyes

and it is still going on like in a screenplay of a movie.

In the next scene you will be pushed over and over

by whom you have trusted and had you blindfolded.

You remove the bandage to see you are in front of a cliff.

Behind you there is a snake dressed in tie that talks about God.


Your Savior is in one new Reason and in new understandings ..…



In the darkness, Humankind continues to defend from a Ghost

that always strikes from behind, always pushing in the same Direction.

This goes on until one day the Ghost, coming too close to hit,

drops the mask revealing also its face.

At that point, it is the uprising.

All caught up in the struggle, Humankind quickly falls into despair, feeling lost in total chaos. Even it can recognize the assailant,

it does not know yet how to change Direction.

Revolutions thunder everywhere then suddenly Humankind stops.

Everyone start to look around.

With great surprise and at the same time all people recognize one same Point of Light.


That will be the birth of a new Awareness.


It will also be the beginning of a new Direction.



The Stage

The Zionists want the destabilization in other Countries to convince the people and the public opinion that their politicians are unable to govern by themselves. Ultimate intent of the Zionists is to maintain throughout the World an Anglo-Judaic supremacy. When Countries elect politicians with democratic or patriotic ideas who work independently for the benefit of their Country then what follows with a precise sequence is always a ferocious propaganda of the mass media against that Country, its economic boycott, a series of terrorist attacks and in the end when possible even a coupe d'etat.

The modus operandi of the Zionists is always the same.

If their long tentacles cannot manipulate the economy and the population of a Country then it is better to have a dictator to govern that Country and may that dictator be at the service of the Zionists.


The Zionists use their own army made of Secret Services

from USA, UK and Israel to orchestrate their agenda

throughout the World by employing the secret services

of all other Countries that have no choice other than to cooperate.

Easy to see how in every Country, for each terrorist act of great magnitude, you will always find the mark of the local secret service often in cahoots with mafia, local criminality or political extremists that are moved like many pawns in this grand chess game.

The immense scale of the operation "Stay Behind" in Europe

is a classic example, no longer a secret and declassified.

Future terrorists were recruited for this operation

by the British secret service and trained in Fort Monckton, England.


More recently, the conception of ISIS had its birth at a US detention center in Iraq called Camp Bucca. The chief of ISIS, Abu al Baghdadi, who was prisoner in that center, was incredibly released following his meeting with Senator Mc Cain, at the time at the helm of the US counterespionage. The same Senator offered to Abu al Baghdadi not only the financial help but also the weapons that the same Senator vehemently solicited and were sent from the US; weapons that ISIS found abandoned in Mosul on June 6th 2014 as if they were a gift. Certainly the rising of ISIS and the chaos created by the Zionists in all Countries of the Middle East (except Israel) are the cause for the colossal migration in Europe and for its well planned crisis from where the UK was the first to depart.


All this happens while

another important sector is manipulated by the same Zionists:

the banks.


Not many people know that the US Federal Reserve Bank, Bank of England, Banca d'Italia and others are not owned by these States

even if the names of these banks would want to make people believe it.

In fact it is just the opposite since the whole Central Banking system and US Federal Reserve operate in a way that is totally independent from the laws of each State hosting their banks (just like embassies of a separate State). The laws and the total control of the World financial system is in the hands of a few individuals, all Zionists.

On their own they decide the monetary expansions or contractions

in each Country and that always coincide

with peace and stability or with war and discontent.


Furthermore, the Zionists also control the information and the news that everyone of us receives, producing devastating effects and often confusing the public opinion. Although, they did not always succeed. Like in 1967 when the Zionists attacked the ship USS Liberty

and blamed Egypt to get the US involved in that conflict. In this event,

the Zionists were in the end unmasked even if many of the media had tried to protect Israel and to mislead the evidence. As difference, in the case of September 11, when the Zionists demolished those buildings and blamed Bin Laden, this time the media were quick to make a wall in front of the evidence and worked in synchronism broadcasting

to the public with one single voice. The result is that the majority

of the people still believe in the tale told by the media. For example,

for the most part, the public opinion have never heard of those vans parked on the days immediately preceding 9/11, at strange hours of the night precisely between 3 and 5am, in front of the Twin Towers and that punctually were leaving a few minutes before the cleaning crews arrived to enter those buildings. The vans carried the Mossad agents who placed the explosive nano-thermite that destroyed those towers.


Having said all that, if one was a detached spectator

and wanted to transport the same context in a perception of energy,

for this World led by Deception, what would the stage look like?

Destiny would then seem to appear just like a movie from Hollywood. The Zionists in that case would certainly be the best actors,

or the "instruments mechanically quantized" to trigger

what otherwise would appear to be one "Mortal Trap".

Clearly, the final act of the movie is still in the making.

Destiny will tell us if in the end it was only about a joke.



The Storm  

After many persecutions,

the Jewish spirit feels that its time had come.


Israel is also seeking for revenge

and by all means wants to impose its will over every other Country.


From the Zionist standpoint, after the retribution from Germany now it is Russia's turn to pay a dear price for the injustice of the past.


Since after the Second World War the belligerent Zionist influence

has instigated that constant state of tension

that is reflected today in the polarity of our World.

Two Nations like Russia and USA are constantly instigated to a conflict and to tear down the limbs of each other's borders.


The two blocks say of each other that the others are the provocateurs and instead they only want Peace. Although the Zionists want a Peace obtained through Strength therefore intentionally confused with the destruction or total submission of the other.


It is always a gamble to predict the future but if one were to pay close attention then would see the stars aligning and would also hear the rhythm of a pendulum, stronger by the day, coming closer and closer. Its cadence has already the sound of a march. With each event and each alliance first sworn then betrayed, with each passing day, this pendulum rather than a march will sound more like the drums of war.



To the rich and to the poor

To the countless crying lambs and to the many blinded deer but also for those few laughing pigs while they are still in great number and surrounded by wolves, one seagull from above would say: "look all around and together press for one exit before the trap is closed".




It was always a common assumption that a nuclear war would never happen because that would cause the destruction of all and everyone including who would have access to that red button. Much different would be the scenario if instead there were already tens of structures secretly built like bunkers to withstand nuclear attacks, and equipped with a specialized government personnel that operates with a budget of billions of dollars. And even more if for the past 30 years there were secret missions exercised daily to perfect the capabilities in case of extreme situations of war or dissent after the nuclear event. Incredibly in the recent past it's been revealed that in the US this scenario exists and its program is called COG or Continuity of Government.

George H. Bush was its founder.


The existence of this program eliminates the initial premise of that same vulnerability which we thought we all had in common and raises questions as for the intentions of those few individuals that would be the only beneficiaries of this very secretive project of which we have public confirmation.


Then what is the Deep State (or Shadow Government)?

It is a World dictatorship that exists since the secret US coup d'etat occurred in Dallas on November 22 1963

when Kennedy was assassinated by the CIA.


The Deep State is then the realization that in the end

it is possible for only One individual to be on top of that pyramid

and to call all the shots.

In a wider sense it is the result of the many exercises done over the years by CIA and other agencies under this program called COG (one of these exercises in Europe was called Stay Behind).


The Stability of power of the Shadow Government

obtained through the many international exercises of the COG

is what they call "National Security"

and in the name of that anything is allowed,

even a false flag attack like 9/11.



A dynasty of tentacles

In brief, here is how George H. Bush came to possess all means

and to know everything of everyone.


As never before in 1988 an ex CIA director was elected US president.

George H. Bush soon became a president like no other.

His attention quickly turned to Saudi Arabia and Kuwait from where he personally benefited immensely in exchange for the protection of those tyrants and their oil while in the United States instead the president observed his son, Neil, to be the author of the largest robbery of its time, the "Savings and Loans" scandal.


After a few years, the next largest robbery in history was Enron that financed the electoral campaign for his other son, George. Once he also became president, the son plotted the most infamous attack on US soil, 9/11, to begin the widest monitoring program ever conceived and to consolidate for 8 years the interest of one family above all.


The day before 9/11 the Bush administration

announced missing 2.3 trillion dollars from the US State Department.

It could not provide any explanation and was never again discussed following the events of 9/11.


That is still today the largest robbery.



Shadow Government

The book "The Art of War", written by Sun Tzu, is one of the most prestigious and influential strategy textbook in the World and is taught in all military academies, including West Point. In this book it says

that the best strategy to eliminate the enemy is to conduct a series

of military operations so to be certain of the reactions and so to bring forward one linear strategy decided from the start. "To move your enemy you must attract him with something that you are sure to catch him. In practice, it is a matter of having control of all operations and

all movements of the enemy to start with your own initial maneuvers."

Welcome to September 11.


In most powerful Nations, the Zionist shadow government is an invisible and parallel government that can infiltrate any government elected by the people like one cancer that pervades a body asleep.

This shadow government hides and infiltrates the home of every citizen to then always let the blame drop on the elected government and its responsibility on the citizens of that Country taken hostage.

Welcome to a time of destabilization. 



The Lone Gunmen

Almost all new technological products that you find in the market come from the progress achieved by the industry which is the most advanced of all: the military apparatus.

When the new military technologies are no longer a State secret because recognized also in other Countries

they then become "declassified" to have a possible commercial use.

From the internet to the most important discoveries of our times,

the military apparatus is the first source from where the many technologies are eventually revealed to the different industries to commercialize new lines of products and to create new markets.


At the top of the military apparatus is the Pentagon in Washington. Many products that you find today in the markets originate just from this place (with the due variations to commercialize those products).


The first to know and to benefit of the secret of those new technologies are without a doubt the "friends of Israel"

that as a matter of fact control the Pentagon.

Among the friends of Israel is also Hollywood.

In fact, many new ideas of the Pentagon are often the source of futuristic episodes in movies and TV series.


But Hollywood in March 2001, not knowing

what would have happened after six months, revealed

how those planes ended up crashing on the World Trade Center.

A TV show called “The Lone Gunmen”

reported precisely that electronic hijack

and the crashing of a plane on one of the Twin Towers.

After six months, on 9/11, the same hijack took place from the ground with a remote technology called Flight Termination System

at disposal of Dov Zackhein who was in charge of the Pentagon.


Although that "false flag" attack was highly sophisticated it was not even close to perfection and was unmasked also by Hollywood.




In cities, small towns and all over the World people often do not know about the neighbor coming from abroad, in some cases he is the Sayanim. As a matter of fact, only a few know what Sayanim means.

A Sayanim is someone who may have been introduced to you from a friend or met by “accident” because of his overly extroverted manner. Like an actor from Hollywood he did everything to befriend you, entertain you and even make you laugh.

Why does he do it? He is fishing from you for some information.

They often introduce themselves with a false name and uncertain origin although their same sense of humor would give them away

to anyone who has any sort of familiarity with their Culture.

If you needed confirmation you may notice how they will never eat pork or shellfish for example or mix dairy products with beef.

For the most part, they are young Jews living their life just like you

but with one well distinct difference. The local events and experiences that they live together with others and that you may have shared

with your friends on the following evening, the Sayanim, instead, upon periodic request, always share with the CIA of Israel called Mossad.

Periodically they are asked to report as if they were part

of a large network of spies spread throughout the World.

Although the Zionists already have almost total possession

and control for all the sources of public information they do not know

to what extent today the people continue to remain oblivious and still believe a story like the one of Osama Bin Laden and 9/11, for example.

It is important for this Agency to know to what degree

the sense of hostility toward the Jews has grown throughout the World as it always happened in the past over the centuries

and as reaction to their same type of behavior.

Unfortunately a group of Zionists adopts that behavior in an extreme manner. They continue to operate and to generate terror

hiding behind a State flag and in the name of the whole Jewish people.

It is important for them to know if, in the eyes of the Gentiles,

they have already passed that red line beyond which

the entire Jewish World would be at risk.


In the next war, the people must be distinguished without regards

for their Religion and culture.

The conflict must be defined only pro or against Equality.

This net distinction will be needed also not to fall back

in a past that never knew how to refrain from pointing the finger against all the Jews, tarring this whole people with the same brush,

in different eras before and after all major conflicts.


As for everyone else, Wavevolution offers a way out of this Conflict even for those Jews in Israel. 



The social antisocial

Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter and all the other social media

are the best instruments for the Zionists

to collect the most intimate information of everyone

and to then gather them on a single file compiled for each individual.


Hence, it is not only all the emails and phone conversations

that are constantly monitored, recorded and kept

in these large digital warehouses called Data Centers.


All of this is gradually happening everywhere and involving everyone but any reasonable person should ask what is the purpose

of these very expensive Data Centers

that do not have a valid commercial return from the masses.


Rome was not built in one day

and a Plan that had the ambition to conquer the World

would also have the need to know everything of everyone.

These Data Centers would make sense only in such context.



Boundaries between Security and Secrecy

How could the classified information

be protected for the security of one Country

and also make sure that the citizens of the same Country

are not themselves the targets of that top secret?

The 9/11 "false flag" attack is an example in regard.

Is it possible to balance the indiscretion of the secret State Agencies with the right to know of every citizen?

Surely not. 

Instead you may take for certain

that to accept that such secrecy is reserved for only a few individuals

has inevitable and well foreseeable repercussions.

To know everything about everyone is a weapon like no others and

the shortest course for a Democracy to be turned into a Dictatorship.

The secret State Agencies will be those to pave the way for a

New World Order.


At first, important signals will be the sudden rise of new dictators

in many Countries and strong sentiments of Nationalism everywhere. 

Then the many dictatorships will be all under one single Umbrella.


That Umbrella will be the New World Order.


And from here it is the need to change the concept of government. 



The Two Hands

Also visible in the Animal kingdom,

the brutal Strength is no better or worse than the deadly Deception.


Two are the Hands to cross and shape our World

to mold It like a vase of clay and put their own seal,  

the scepter of command, illusion of reward, 

to drive at will one Destiny with no steering wheel 


In the last World war, the Hand of Strength and Hand of Deception have crossed once again. 

Strength personified by the Axis and Deception by the Allies.

Gestapo versus CIA.


One long scar still bleeds over this Planet.


With Strength defeated, the winners of the War

have extended their cunning Hand, robbed the whole World and

transformed each town in a place where Deception is the only reality.


Two new blocs were soon formed right after the War.


UK and USA celebrated Capitalism


Russia instead was infatuated with Communism


The Two Hands had only changed gloves.



Old vs. New World Order

The Old Order began with the Conference of Yalta in 1945,

near the end of World War Two.

The New one instead just began after 9/11.


The Old was made of a group of Nations joined in one bloc

and that were opposed to another bloc.

After the Second World War and before the people started to move

so freely, when the borders between Countries were largely still closed, the concept of race was been viewed as that of a Nation

and that was for many a reason to belong.


Today instead, with open borders all over Europe

and with people constantly relocating everywhere,

that direct relation between race and Nation no longer exists.


But the need to belong (or tribal nature)

never left the Human being.


Thus, from the Old to the New Order the difference reduces in essence the components of one of the two opposing blocs

from a group of Nations to one made of individuals, the Zionists.


If these in the end will be able to prevail, the New World Order will be led by a group of criminals masked as bankers and politicians that,

after having ransacked the almost totality of wealth of their Countries, will feel entitled to rule over everyone.

Between these people there is no loyalty to any Nation, Religion or race but only one that joins them in their interest to protect their loot.


Step after step, these were the wishes of the Protocols of Zion.



The Castle of cards

"Let me issue and control a nation's money,

and I care not who writes the laws"

These were the words of Amschel Rothschild in 1790.


Now more than ever it is important to know

how the world economy was built like a castle of cards

and even before that to know how this castle had been financed.


In our days the world of finances is totally interconnected

and dependent on the system of the Central Banks.

Among all, the most influential is the one of the United States.

The Central Banks in the United States had 3 phases in their history and each one was defined by the name of the Bank.

The First Bank of United States from 1791 to 1811,

The Second Bank of the United States from 1816 to 1836 and

lastly the third that changed name and was called Federal Reserve started in 1913 and still at work.


The system of the Central Banks is a consortium of a restricted group of individuals that with much cunning and foresight, in a relative short time, were able to seize the economy of all Countries, hence that of all citizens.


The First Bank of United States had its beginning on February 15th 1791 with a twenty year charter and with the strong support of Alexander Hamilton who at the time was an agent of the Rothschild bankers (and the only one to still have today an effigy on a US banknote even if he was never president). During the charter, the corruption of the bankers was so high that brought down on its knees the US economy. Even before the charter had ended, it was already decided that in 1811 the charter would not be renewed.

At this point, from England, Nathan Rothschild threatened "to teach those impudent Americans a lesson" and said that in case the charter was not going to be renewed, the United States would have to face a new war with England and would return to be a colony.

"Either the application for renewal of the charter is granted or the United States will find itself involved in a most disastrous war." Disregarding the threats, on 1811, the US did not renew the charter.

On 1812, Rothschild financed England to declare war on the US. Rothschild's plan was to cause the US to build up such a debt in fighting this war that the US would have been in need for a new  Central Bank to refinance it. In fact, the United States were in financial hardship and to support the economy were obliged to put in circulation such large amount of money that the banknotes were no longer accepted to be redeemable in gold or silver as they were in the beginning. Recognizing that moment of weakness, in 1816 the bankers came back for one more try. Corrupting the new politicians of the time, like Henry Clay, they managed to reconstitute the Second Bank of United States once again with a charter of twenty years.


Since then, every time a US president had tried to eliminate the system of the Central Banks he was always the object of an assassination

or an attempt to his life.


That is what happened to the seventh US president.

In 1829 Andrew Jackson became candidate to the presidency with his electoral campaign "Jackson and no Banks". Jackson declared war to the banks and saw them as vipers bleeding his Country. He won the elections and in July 1832 decided not to renew the charter of the Second Bank of United States that would have expired in 1836.

He transferred in a State bank the gold and the silver that until then was kept in the safe of the Central Bank. It was no surprise when on January 30th 1835 president Andrew Jackson was attempted to his life. The hitman, Richard Lawrence, had been hired by bankers and members of the Whig party. Unfortunately for the hitman, the two pistols misfired and the president was safe.

On 1836 Andrew Jackson did not renew the charter.


In 1837, after only about a month since the new president Martin Van Buren had been elected, the bankers drained the liquidity, drastically reducing the money supply, and generating a chain reaction between creditors and debtors that created the worst economic crisis called "Panic of 1837".


President Abraham Lincoln was another victim of that same system. When in 1861 president Lincoln approached the bankers in New York, to obtain a loan and finance the ongoing Civil War, those bankers, under the strong influence of the Rothschild, demanded a very high interest rate for that loan knowing full well that the president would not have been able to accept it. Lincoln then decided to issue a new currency, the "Greenback", which was exempt from interest and tied to the collateral value of the gold inside the Treasure of the State. Unexpectedly, in 1863 the Tsar of Russia, Alexander II, also enemy of the Rothschild, offered Lincoln his help declaring that if France or England interfered in the Civil War then Russia would have taken a position allied with Lincoln.

In 1865, in a statement to the US Congress, Lincoln reaffirmed his situation and said: "I have two great enemies, the Southern Army in front of me and the financial institution in the rear. Of the two, the one in my rear is my greater foe."

Later that year, on April 14th 1865 Lincoln was assassinated.


Relentless, after 77 years and at the doorsteps of World War I, the bankers finally managed to obtain their much sought after third Bank of United States that was then called Federal Reserve.

The first thought of the US president Woodrow Wilson soon after he signed the Federal Reserve Act on December 23rd 1913 was of great significance. He had granted legal authority to issue Federal Reserve Notes (now commonly known as US dollars) with the cost of an interest to be paid back by the US Government to the Federal Reserve.

"I am a most unhappy man. I have unwittingly ruined my Country. A great industrial Nation is now controlled by its system of credit. We are no longer a government by free opinion, no longer a government by conviction and the vote of the majority, but a government by the opinion and duress of a small group of dominant men."


Since then, only one other president attempted to change that financial system and it happened when president John Fitzgerald Kennedy on June 4th 1963 signed the executive order #11110.

JFK ordered the US Treasury Department to issue a new banknote called "US Note" (with a red seal over the serial number instead of a green seal) that would not come from the Federal Reserve and was backed in value by the silver stockpiled in the US Treasure.

After 5 months president Kennedy was assassinated

and even if his ordinance was never invalidated there was an immediate return to the Federal Reserve Note.


Today, Bank of International Settlements in Basel, Switzerland,

is the headquarter of all Central Banks.

The most important decisions for US Federal Reserve, Bank of England, Bundesbank, Swiss National Bank, Nederlandsche Bank, Bank of Italy, Bank of Canada and Bank of France are all taken from this Bank in Basel. Bank of International Settlements was constituted on May 17th 1930 to ensure that Germany would repay its debts after World War I and acted as mediating bank where yearly the funds deposited from Germany in that bank were transferred as reparation to the accounts of the Countries that won the War.

After World War II, Bank of International Settlements

changed its role and became the most influential bank,

extremely secretive in its operations.

Still today that is almost completely unknown to the public.


Like Henry Ford once said:

"It is well enough that the people of the Nation do not understand our banking and monetary system, for if they did, I believe there would be a revolution before tomorrow morning." 



Biting the hand that feeds

The rich is terrified by the rising of the poor.

The elite see the world like an ocean filled by hungry piranhas.

They observe that each time they throw some food in the water the piranhas want it more and more. It is never enough.

They fear that one day they'll leap over the surface to bite their hand.

They think of the poor: - it is "their" Animal Instinct -.




Sun Tzu said that the first rule to defeat an enemy is to know him well. In this case, it is not about a physical enemy but something different.

It is about the psychology of individuals that, by living a life

much different than yours and having lost all the connections with your reality, represents for you a mortal threat. In first place, it will be important to humanize these individuals that have been defined with much confusion as if they were some reptilians or even aliens.

So let's try to put on the vest of a psychologist and ask:

Who are these people? What do they want? Are they really ill intended people or they simply recognize a different set of rules?

And if that were the case how could that be?


To answer some of these questions one should try to imagine

as if one had all the money and all that one might wish. If you had it all

what would you do? Would you stop wanting? Probably not.

You would probably want to live as if every moment was a constant celebration and if everyday was spent as if it was your party.

In fact, what these people despise more than anything else is dullness and boredom. It is a matter of perceptions for these individuals and

in this regard it is no different than how it is also for all other people. Beyond anyone's social status, normality is like a flat line

and in terms of perceptions that translates into boredom.

But, like you will see going forward, although the perceptions

of everyone can be very similar instead the repercussions

produced from these individuals have very different consequences.

In fact, here is the difference that is inconceivable to many.

From parties (Bohemian Club) and gatherings (Bilderberg), by giving a voice to those perceptions, we have seen the beginning of recent wars and events. Neither the suffrage of the people nor the interest of the Nation but individual perceptions grown from a world of excess have led to events that turned out to be often catastrophic for those who live outside that circle.


These individuals also know that the rule of Law do not apply to them.

One day the US president Gerald Ford had shed some light to this concept. He said that of course he believed in the rule of Law and in its equality for all people, but then, he went on to say that the law should also reflect the reality of things, hence it must be flexible.

As to say that, in first place, it is the order that must be maintained and, for example, if the banking establishment had even almost bankrupted the economy of the Nation with fraudulent activities it would be best to patch up and repair the situation rather than wasting time, holding accountable and throwing in jail those individuals who are essential to maintain the order.

But then, among all these people, who would be the most essential?

Who would emerge in the end from a society like that?


To answer this question now imagine that only three individuals are living in an island and that they pledge to help each other.

Each one would take care of only one area for the survival of all while also promising to stay completely out from the spheres of competence of the other two. Say for example that one looks to provide for all the foods and the drinks, another to build and to maintain a place for them to live and a third is in charge of the security of the place.

If one day you will find that only one individual is left alive on that island which one would you guess that would be?

With most probability that is the guy in charge of the security.


In a society that includes all the leaders of the largest and most influential organizations in the World they know that at the end of the day they should watch out from only one individual.

The one that at any moment can change all the equations.

That is the one in charge of the security,

or in this case at the helm of the Zionist army.


But now, let’s say that you are part of this society and part of an agenda that cannot be disclosed. What kind of people would you want to introduce to this society as new affiliates?

You would surely want to have someone you think you could trust but also one who knew how to lie with a straight face to the outsiders. Someone without many moral strings that could one day betray what goes on inside your society. You would also want someone with skeletons on his closet that you know about so that he would not be so quick to go around to speak his mind knowing that he would be blackmailed or discredited if his secrets were revealed.

You would actually want to introduce those who one day could help this elite and will be their future puppets, those who can safely be used in any of the many key positions of some Country. 


Having said all that, in truth how different would you be

from these people if it was you in their same position?

They say that it is the opportunity that turns a man into a thief.

In fact, it is precisely the opportunity that must be eliminated .... but that is all another story.



Warning of two Presidents

In many Countries, history is narrated like a State propaganda omitting events that would be of great help to the new generations if they were part of their school books.

One example is the "Business Plot" in the US and the significant words of Smedley Darlington Butler, the US Marine general most decorated of his time, when on February 15th 1935 testified in front of the House of the US Congress:

"After having served for over 33 years ... I spent most of my time being a high class muscle man for big business of Wall Street and for their bankers. In short as a racketeer, a gangster for Capitalism ... looking back on it, I feel I could have given Al Capone a few hints."

General Butler denounced the plot and said that he was asked to kill the US president Franklyn Roosevelt. He would have had to lead an army of 500,000 war veterans to seize the White House on behalf of the American Liberty League (whose members were the elite bankers) and establish a fascist dictatorship in the US.

All began when after the great economic depression of the '30 president Franklyn Roosevelt proposed the so called "New Deal" also to lift up the economy and put to work millions of unemployed but mostly to make sure that a revolution as it happened in Russia would not happen in the US. Part of the New Deal offered the social security for the first time to all US citizens in their old age and a financial support for all those unemployed.

The bankers became very worried for that sort of redistribution of wealth and decided to turn to brigadier general Butler to lead a coup d'etat. In 1933, in the same year when on the other side of the ocean Hitler became chancellor of Germany, that plot was aimed to eliminate president Roosevelt and set up a dictatorship in the US that would only answer to Wall Street. The general would have also been responsible for the suppression of any eventual social unrest.

In the end, the general backed off from the plot

but what should be remembered more than anything else is that nothwithstanding his testimony no one was legally prosecuted.

The bankers again got away with murder.


Since those days not much has changed.

Still today, the US Capitalism is the catalyst for many wars

and for much turmoil around the World.

These international bankers in cahoots with the military industrial complex have formed a direful alliance.

In terms unknown to the common dictionary, the US Capitalism in its mechanics could be summarized as follows:

special interests (like corporations of Wall Street or Countries as Israel) constitute lobbies formed by their representatives who go to Washington to corrupt politicians who then propose laws that benefit those "special interests". Once the laws are approved they mobilize the military to make wars, invade Countries and do everything needed to obtain the required result.


On January 17th 1961 US president Eisenhower gave an ominous speech during his presidential farewell address with a warning for the American people about the dangers of a military industrial complex and the potential for the disastrous rise of a misplaced power.


On April 27th 1961 president Kennedy gave a similar speech.

He spoke of a dangerous conspiracy and said:

"for we are opposed around the world by a monolithic and ruthless conspiracy that relies primarily on covert means for expanding its sphere of influence on infiltration instead of invasion, on subversion instead of elections, on intimidation instead of free choice, on guerrillas by night instead of armies by day. It is a system which has conscripted vast human and material resources into the buiding of a tightly knit, highly efficient machine that combines military, diplomatic, intelligence, economic, scientific and political operations. Its preparations are concealed, not published. Its mistakes are buried, not headlined. Its dissenters are silenced, not praised. No expenditure is questioned, no rumor is printed, no secret is revealed."


The same hidden power,

mentioned by him and his predecessor,

assassinated JFK on November 22nd 1963

to obtain that very secret coup d'etat

that forever changed the United States of America.


Still today, the secret of these cospiracies is maintained through blackmail for all those who would want to reveal any indiscretion.

A particular "treatment" becomes more and more intense as one climb the ladder of that secrecy. From tortures to physical violations with embarrasing poses taken on videos and photographs or even with participations in Human sacrifices.

They are all part of a ritual that wants to make the cospirators as sociopaths loyal to them and deaf to their own conscience.



Let me help you

This passage is quoted from the Protocols of the Elders of Zion:

"Therefore we must not stop at bribery, deceit and treachery when they should serve towards the attainment of our end. In politics one must know how to seize the property of others without hesitation if by it we secure submission and sovereignty." 


Who knows how the Jewish Culture began?

Why adoration and submission are their only lingo?



Imagine a hypothetical dialogue between 10 drops vertically aligned inside a wave. They have time to observe each other. The drop number 6, infatuated by a measure of highness, whispers to the drop number 10: "why should we be all equal even with number 2 or number 3?

We are so much closer to the surface and it is clear that we are not all equal. Most of all, You, up there, deserve so much more than anyone else. Let me help you." The feminine drop continued: "Leave it to me. All we have to do is Betraying the Trust of all the others. I shall tell them that I spoke with you and that You are the Light from Above.

I shall tell them that You are the One we have been waiting for and that You are better than all of us. If my Betrayal will not work then together we will use your Force and push them to go further down under water and never see the True Light again. You will see,

they will all have to bow in front of You, oh my Lord and Master." 


And that was how the Israeli Mossad promised to George Bush for their wedding on 9/11 when Force married Deception.


In Israel, still today the schools remain committed

to indoctrinate their students in the cult of Individualism

and to teach them that Equality does not exist.



It is all "kosher"

We are already living in a worldwide dictatorship

that is being veiled and served by a culture of slaves.


In fact, there is only one Country in the World that has the absolute need for protection and the necessity to know everything of everyone in order to survive. That is Israel.


One of the main conspirators of the attack on 9/11 is the rabbi

Dov Zakheim who in 2001 was the comptroller of the Pentagon and

in possession of a new technology to remotely hijack flying airplanes from the ground.


Dov Zakheim was also the vice-president of Booz Allen and Hamilton.


In particular,

Booz Allen and Hamilton spies on all private citizens

everywhere in the World on behalf of the 17 spy national agencies,

including CIA and NSA.

Booz Allen and Hamilton is owned by the Carlyle Group

which in turn is owned by the Bush family.


One should be reminded

that while the attacks were happening on 9/11

a meeting of the Carlyle Group was also taking place

at the Ritz Carlton Hotel in Washington

between George H. Bush and Shafig bin Laden,

the half brother of Osama bin Laden.


Although this evidence is in the public domain

not the media or the 9/11 Commission have ever dared to investigate.


Knowing everything of everyone, and even of their private life,

George Bush

knew that no politician would have survived the blackmail.



A convenient Alliance

Freemasons and Zionists have many affinities since both base their Belief on the same Solomonic traditions and Jewish credence.

Since September Eleven 1826, when terror was called

the "Morgan Affair", the Freemasons continue to dictate their will unchallenged to fulfill their own agenda.

Like for the Zionists, their strategy is the same.

The Zionist will make friend with one to go to War with the other ..... and then Betraying both.



One hot drop

The "chosen people" seem to say: "Our law is the law for everyone and our behavior is an example for all."

So it would appear invoked one Destiny and with It a certain Direction.


In a pond of water, one single drop overheated so to feel its Ego and have a change of color. All around, the other drops became fascinated and started to Convert, also overheating and changing their color. More and more, more and more until ….. all water evaporated.




Historians, philosophers and political scientists have always asked how could be possible to govern society and maintain a long lasting order since the people are only driven by egoism and motivated by self-interest. With extreme pessimism in regard to the character of the individual and of a collective morality and with consequential skepticism of a democratic government that may be just and guarantor of the future, the suffrage has always been to establish a dictatorship with a strong man at the top.

Still today that suffrage would seem to be valid since the so called modern Democracies do not offer any sort of stability or direction.

Although other paths do exist, up until now the people have never been presented with a functioning alternative for a system of government that can be long lasting. 

Even recently among the most influential philosophers, from one side of the spectrum to the other, from Carl Schmitt who offered a strong Nazi influence, to Leo Strauss who is instead a model for the Zionists and Neoconservatives, the answer is always the same: dictatorship.

But there is an alternative residing just on the opposite.

If you read the Protocols of the Elders of Zion you would know well of the adoration of the subjects for their long awaited unforgiving king.

The more the tyrant will be severe the more will be adored.

There is no doubt that severity is indispensable in a World of Animals and that would provide a sense of security for those obedient subjects but the same intolerance could also be applied for the opposite principle or for the Respect of Equality.


For the old Animals to rise to a new platform and step into the grounds of an ideal World severity would be needed mostly in the initial battle certainly the hardest because against all traditions and pride of those subjects. For their principle, they do not conceive being equal with any other and perceive their life within a virtual pyramid.


Hence if one day there will be a new Humankind and an ideal World, upon its birth, Forgiveness will no longer be accepted as it is today. 

This hybrid concept has been glorified and conveniently abused mostly by those societies that are the most spoiled and corrupted.

In fact, among the most aggressive cultures of our days, one word has always been the favorite to these people: "Sorry" (or Pardon).

Their concept of “Sorry” does not ask for forgiveness but demands it like a convenient way out ….. almost Religiously.


In a World governed by Equality there would be no more need to say "Sorry" or "Thanks". These terms were created by one hypocrite culture and are there to define the borders between the individuals.

There is no need for Thanks in a World that believes to be One.

It would be like washing the right hand with the left one. 



The Monarch

The English philosopher Thomas Hobbes spent his life to bring reasons for the necessity of the monarchy.

Perhaps he did not care enough about the concept of liberty

since Hobbes remains rather uncertain in his definition:

"Liberty is the absence of those obstacles that prevent the individuals from achieving their goals".

Since in life those obstacles could only be here intended as the uncontrollable events of anyone’s existence this makes the definition of liberty as misunderstood hence unreachable.

Hobbes believed that the state of nature was "nasty, brutish and short" and "even a bad king is better than revolution".

In fact Hobbes believed in an absolute monarchy.

In his theory the people would make a social contract with their king and agree to give up most of their rights in order to receive his protection but in a moment of emergency

the people would then have to relinquish all of their rights to that ruler exactly as Leo Strauss has said two centuries after with his concept of "right to exempt" for the ruler.


The problem at the roots lies in the state of nature

which is the pre-social condition.

If one were to believe that the Human being at birth

is what Hobbes had thought then Mankind should surely be restrained and Monarchy may be the only remedy.

If instead one believes that the Human being at birth is like a Tabula Rasa (a Blank Slate) and it is the environment that shapes the character of the individual then the remedy should be different. 


In regard to the stability of a society,

among the various forms of government,

the dictatorship, if compared to a Direct Democracy,

would certainly have a shorter lifespan as it is limited to the life of the dictator, while Direct Democracy, as a living organism,

could continue to grow and develop from its initial ignorance of the masses until reaching a direction that may be steady and continuous through a consensus gradually acquired.



One same paragraph

They say history always repeats itself.

From the time of the first emperor in China, the philosophy “Legalism” (contemporary to Taoism and Confucianism) already defined the rules of the New World Order.

The premises were the same: "there is no Trust but instead only greed and selfishness between the people which could never allow for an orderly coexistence. Therefore there is a need for one man above all others to set the rules straight for everyone even through the most severe punishment."

Under this single ruler is then set up a pyramidal structure

to oversee that the wishes of the ruler were implemented.


History has always been one same paragraph and

if history will have to change also the animals would need to change.


But how do we get to an Ideal World from the jungle in which we live today? Perhaps the animal trainers of the circus could offer useful information in order to change the Animal behavior.

They start giving the animals and also demanding from them some sort of respect while always keeping them with full stomachs. Thus it begins with an enforced re-education of the animal for one mutual respect in conjunction with the satisfaction of the existential needs.


For an Ideal World, it will then take a new type of government

but what would this be like?

Between Communism and Capitalism today it seems there are no bridges to connect one world of necessities and one of excesses.

They govern, one demonizing profits as if one could live by bread alone and the other instead haughty and without regard for the necessities as if the only priority were the superfluous

and if this were never enough.


It is also worth noticing that, in the wider sense, slavery will be removed from our societies only when the existential needs will be guaranteed and satisfied for all.


In a new system of government, like Commutalism,

a new form of Respect would be extended and imposed everywhere

while the existential needs would be satisfied for everyone

before the superfluous of anyone.



Never again

It is clear that a net distinction should be made

between the populations and their governments

but if Evil really existed,

some people, unaware of history, could then think

that the Shadow Government of United States, UK and Israel

is Its terrain representation.

There would be nothing worse than adding more confusion by relying on religious absolutisms (like the concept of Evil) and instead it would be better to think of the Zionist Government as the representation of the modern Human Instinct on an enlarged scale.

Like the facial expression of this Humanity of today.

Also in a historical parallel with the Superpowers of the past.

In fact, if instead of the Shadow Government of the Zionists today there was another Superpower then the conflict to maintain that supremacy would have almost certainly had very similar features.


But why has this Instinct never changed over the centuries?

The indoctrination of Religions instilled to the people since birth does not allow them to acknowledge the Animal element within our societies so called "Human". This in itself makes it impossible to break away from the traditions that keep us bounded to the Animal world therefore also impossible to have a real change.


It would take the effort of some agile minds also capable in the world of social media to wake up the people from this comatose state.

Agile minds like in his days was that of Theodor Adorno.


Born Jewish and converted Protestant, Theodor Adorno left Germany during the Nazism. After the War he asked himself: "What is Auschwitz? Does it simply mean that antisemitism should never happen again? Must we confine this term to a specific geography or a certain race of people? Is Auschwitz only a reference to what the Nazis had done to the Jews or are we talking about Auschwitz as a metaphor for the perennial suffering and dehumanization of certain classes or group of people? Auschwitz is the negation of ourselves as species."


Theodor Adorno besides this also said:

"Science needs to find someone who has not obeyed it."



The 3 Religions

When Moses spoke, in the name of God from Mount Sinai, and lied to those slaves running away from Egypt, Moses did not know he was also becoming the founder of 3 Religions: Judaism, Christianity and Islam.

In fact, these 3 Religions base their Belief

on the Old Testament and the 10 Commandments.


Their first source is Moses as he was the first historical "prophet" for these 3 Religions.

There is no historical evidence of Abraham, Noah or other "prophets" before Moses with the exception of the Bible invented by the same Moses.


To maintain a sort of credibility throughout the centuries, the Bible continues to be re-interpreted still today just like it happened already for over 3,000 years and as it is shown by the accumulation of all the Jewish literature. This is entirely compiled in the Talmud and conveniently written and rewritten also in our days to justify the contents of the Bible when in contradiction with the new understandings and the new discoveries.

In other words, the text of the Talmud is used like the key to reading the Bible although this key is constantly changing with time.


From the very beginning, the interpretation of the Bible came to a split between the writers from Babylon and those from Jerusalem.


The method of interpretation of the Talmud Bavli, or Babylonian Talmud, favors the art of debate for the search of one possible “truth” hidden in the Bible. Its sages and writers concluded with optimism in regard to the existence and future of Humankind.

Instead, the Talmud Yerushalmi, or the Talmud written by the sages from Jerusalem, is presented to its followers with one Divine authority. It emphasizes that future generations should listen with reverence to the teachings of those old sages and highlights the laws of private property more than debates and philosophical searches.

Also, the sages from Jerusalem, in their moral pessimism, concluded that Humankind would have been "evil" if left free and unchecked.


Therefore, from the beginning, the Jewish Religion started to divide.

Even before the more recent distinction between Sephardic and Ashkenazi Jews, the Jewish Religion was split between Sadducees and Pharisees (forefathers of Rabbinism or modern Judaism). Sadducee is from the word “zadok” which in Greek means “righteous”.

The main difference between the two was that the Pharisees believed in an afterlife while the Sadducees did not believe it

and in the end they disappeared.


This evident fracture became a contagious example.


Like a cut almost at the roots, a Jewish man, about two thousand years ago, broke with his Religion to found one new Belief. Christianity was described in what was called the New Testament although for the most part this is much like a sequel to the Old one. The difference between the New and the Old Testament is in the words of Jesus that was spreading for the first time the concept of Equality. After Jesus had died, his followers built the Church that in theory should have carried his message. The Church, instead, was also structured like a pyramid with priests and bishops, cardinals and popes. Since the times of Jesus, Christianity had made a U turn, rejected Equality and returned to the same pyramidal concept glorified by the Jewish Religion.


Six centuries after Jesus, the Religion of Islam started with Mohammed. Although separate from Jewish and Christian Religions, Islam maintained the same teachings from the Old and the New Testament which are both included in the book of the Koran.


Over the course of time, Christianity and Islam also continued to split and to form numerous sects.

Protestants, Catholics, Orthodox and others between the Christians. Sunnis, Shiites and others between the Muslims.


The pyramidal structure of these 3 Religions from Moses shows how they have all refused Equality and led their followers into a mystical submission in order to serve their Supreme Ego personified by each Religion as a rabbi, a pope or an imam.



Indefensible Talmud

"Extremism in the defense of liberty is no vice. Moderation in the pursue of justice is no virtue."

These were the words of US presidential candidate Barry Goldwater but they could also have been the words of Pope Gregory IX in 1240 when for the first time had heard from the converted Jew,

Nicholas Donin, about the existence of the Talmud.


These are some of the passages of the Jewish Law that terrified that Pope and that led on June 6 1242 to the public burning of those books containing the words of the Talmud and to the following expulsion of the Jews from Spain:

"If you eat with a goyim (non Jewish) is like eating with a dog." - Tosapoth, Jebamoth 94B.

"Jesus is in hell being boiled in hot excrements." - Gittin 57A.

"Jesus was cut off from the Jewish people for his wickedness and refused to repent." -Sotah 47A.

"The goyim are not humans. They are beasts." - BabaMetzia 114B. "Even the best of goyim should all be killed." -Soferim 15.

"If a goyim hits a Jew he must be killed." -Sanhedrin 58B.

"If a Jew finds an object lost by a goyim it does not have to be returned." - Baba Metzia 24A.

"If a Jew murders a goyim there will be no death penalty. What a Jew steals from a goyim he may keep." - Sanhedrin 57A.

"Jews may use subterfuge to circumvent the goyim."  - Baba Kamma 113A.


It is difficult to understand how these could be "religious" laws

but this is what they are taught.

If you were born a Jew what would be then your guilt?

You would have to subscribe to what was already written

before you were even born.


The same Talmud is responsible for a Culture

so obsequious to those perceived above them

and as domineering and tyrannical to those beneath them.


Much secrecy characterizes the history of this Culture.


In regard to the Russian Revolution,

the Nobel prize Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn said:

"You must understand. The leading Bolsheviks who took over Russia were not Russian, they hated Russia. They hated Christians. Driven by ethnic hatred they tortured and slaughtered millions of Russians without a shred of remorse. More of my countrymen suffered horrific crimes at their blood-stained hands than any people or Nation ever suffered in the entirety of Human history. It cannot be understated. Bolshevism was the greatest human slaughter of all times. The fact that most of the world is ignorant of this reality is proof that the global media itself is in the hands of the perpetrators."


The assassination of the Tsar and the Russian Revolution

were in fact financed by the Zionists with Jacob Schiff in first place.


Throughout history, the short memory of the populations did not allow them to put in context those catalyst events of the past, like 9/11.

And the result is that today, among much confusion,

most people are at the point they don't even believe their own eyes.




If one were to ask "what is Equality?" many would remain confused and ask to what Equality one was referring to.


Would a woman and a man be equal if they worked at the same job and were being paid the same money? Are perhaps equal two individuals one young and one old? Or equal all those of one same race? Of one same family? Even if one in that family was born disabled? Is there really Equality among all people?


In fact, there is no perceivable Equality between the individuals and as a consequence every society in the past has always found some distinction between its subjects. Only after the French Revolution, the many cultures of the World have started to take a new look at the individual and to respect the "other" with new views.

In some cases, they have also attributed the concept of Equality to subjects who are part of one same race, Religion or origin.

But objectively that Equality, intended as same identity or as that monad defined by Leibniz, does not exist and we are all aware of that.


Then how to refer to this concept?

Up to now, the respect of Equality has been a long stretch for many individuals, as an act against nature, or a decision taken by the society but without the due conviction from the individual and the reason for that is that the concept lacks a clear definition and having to respect it is in conflict with the Ego and perceptions of each individual. As a consequence, this has brought only to the confusion, to the discredit and to the social abandonment of that ideal.


For Equality we should then refer to something new that may be clear and indisputable like our same Energy, or that single common denominator that is within Humanity and that transformed everything since the beginning, from waves to atoms, and that we should start to respect ... Religiously.



on Friday

The main difference between Christians and Jews in one word is Equality.

Both celebrate on the same day Good Friday and Passover but in memory of different events. For the Jews this is the happiest day as they celebrate their escape from slavery in Egypt while for the Christians instead this is the day that Jesus was crucified.


Jesus was a Jew who was killed by his own people only because he opposed the concept of one "chosen people" and had invoked Equality.


The concept of Equality is still today much misunderstood among many Christians whose values remain still anchored

to the Jewish Culture and to their beloved cult of Individualism.


In principle, the difference is at the root of the Christian teaching.

For example, the Protestants have been taught that Respect must be gained from the other while Catholics and Orthodoxes instead remain more loyal to the original Christian message

whereas Respect is offered to begin with.


In the end,

those Christians who do not believe in Equality

are no different than the Jews in their Belief.



Same, Similar and Different

In different times, Rockefeller and Rothschild have been called as two of the richest men in the World and while it is possible to observe a lot of similarities we can also notice one surprising final chapter that symbolizes the “fons et origo” of these two dynasties.

They were very similar in their cunning ways of conducting business and they were both very religious.

Although their Religions were different.


Rothschild was not only a practicing Jew but more importantly was the main founder of the State of Israel.


Rockefeller instead was a Christian so devoted that at time would even go in person to sweep the floor of his chapel.


Coincidentally they had in common the fact that 5 brothers

in each family worked together on behalf of their dynasty.

In business, both were ruthless.

Among other things, Rockefeller will be remembered for the Ludlow massacre. That occurred when, in order to force his employees

to go back to work and stop a strike organized by their union, Rockefeller gave the order to shoot on those civilians,

killing also many women and children.

Instead, Rothschild will be mostly remembered for a famous anecdote that happened when he received before everyone else the news of the defeat of Napoleon at Waterloo. He managed to be so astute and take advantage in the London stock exchange to the extent of becoming

in one single day the richest man in the World.  


The difference between the two is that after having amassed their fortunes, the Christian man gave most of it in charity while

the Jewish man instead kept it all for himself flaunting his richness.


In such contrast, Rockefeller went to the extent to hire Reverend Fredrick Gates to formulate a series of principles to adopt for this immense project of charity and for giving it a purpose. His charities were intended for everyone and not only for the Christians.

They ranged in different fields, from the education of black women to the medical research. The purpose was to create a better society promoting the well being of Mankind everywhere.


So you could also view these two

as if they were two fighters undefeated in their careers.

Both have won all their fights but with one difference.

One of the two, after having won, mocked the loser

and kept him under his foot to make himself feel "better".

The other instead, after his victory, also came close to the loser

but only to shake his hand and to pick him up.




In the interconnected history of the 3 Mosaic religions, Islam has been the last one to emerge about 600 years after Christ.


If one want to Believe that the Christian religion turned away

from the original Jewish religion to take its own direction

then could also Believe that from the same junction

Islam veered exactly in the opposite sense.

Surely, the concept of Equality is far more distant for this Religion

than it is for the other two.

The reason is perhaps that Islam started with Mohammed as a reaction from the dark skinned men.


In the same area of the World where Moses was born and where the Jewish religion was spreading, the dark skinned men started to feel as second class citizens on the ladder of the Jewish casts. That feeling of bigotry initially endured became then reflected in the religion of Islam, like sculptured in stone, with resentments, violence and cyclical repercussions throughout history.


Differently from Islam, to the same arrogance and form of bigotry embedded in the Jewish religion, the answer preached by the Christian religion was forgiveness and tolerance (even with examples of grand hypocrisy like at the time of the Inquisition).


Nevertheless the 3 remain closely connected.


Jewish, Christian and Muslim religions are like 3 vain sisters .... always ready to push and to shove, each one twisting the portrait of One God to make It look more and more like their own caricature. 



Myth of After-Life

Reincarnation is commonly intended by Religions as the migration of one same Soul in different bodies while it is also capable to maintain Its own individuality unaltered. If we were to believe in reincarnation, then, Instinct and behavioral character at the time of birth of a child could be the sum of experiences lived in past lives and stored at an unconscious level. The DNA could also be linked to reinforce the belief in reincarnation. One day we will discover that changes in DNA, to a small extent, take place constantly during the life of each individual.

Evolutionary changes, in order to be transmitted to new generations, must necessarily occur during the lives of the previous generations and could not take place suddenly at birth of the new generations. If science could prove that DNA changes occur during a person’s life then any similarity in DNA between individuals of the same families could cement the belief in reincarnation, as for example, the nephew born soon after the death of his grandfather. If we were to believe that the grandfather’s Soul was reincarnating in the nephew we could notice how not only they would have similar physical resemblance and similar behaviors, but also their DNA is similar as it would have been the same DNA from the grandfather that changed over time.


Nevertheless, reincarnation is only a myth, and, while this concept continues to offer an illusion for the fears of the individual, over the centuries it became the most formidable instrument for the Religions to continue to increase the number of their followers.



The Religious promise

Religions promise their followers that their wishes

will be fulfilled in the after-life as reward for their faith.

The Religious concept of the Soul offers in the after-life one retribution for those actions we took during our life.

Together with that promise, Religions also give the same ultimatum:

"Trust me and you'll be rewarded. If you don't you will be punished".

A warning like that is enough to scare most people who have not really paid enough attention to what is being promised. In fact, it is a misconception to think of our Soul as a component of our physical individuality or also to envision in the after-life similar experiences to those we have lived in this terrestrial life. Even if we wanted to believe in the after-life, what type of wishes could we conceive and expect when we will no longer have our body of mass? What could a Muslim martyr do with the 72 virgins promised to him in the after-life? Even if we were to live in a new life with a different body of mass maybe what we wished in the previous life may not be as desirable in the new one. 


The Belief in Destiny offers its greater gift

in the defeat of fear over the death.



WRONG                 GOD

Life is perceived like a continuous choice, as if we were always in front of a circle where we could either go right or go left.

In spite of that, Ego longs for more, perceiving the human limits

of both choices.

Ego feels safe only with its Individual choice and so walks to the right while also turning its head to the left.

It looks around to compare and to choose for the "right" direction.  

Ego does not believe in Destiny and is afraid of a future,

afraid of a "wrong" direction.


Instead, Quantum mechanics (or Law of attraction)

moves all energy as if all of us were only one half of one circle.

Some with the right halves and some with the left

but none with the wrong halves.

We are elements of One same energy fragmented in symmetry.

Each element complements another to generate a new form of That same energy. All of us will go some to the right and some to the left to meet around one circle because of One Destiny.


All those who believe in the possibility of another will, beyond that One Divine, extend their Belief to at least one other God:

Ego, the Wrong ..... God.



The bothersome Other

Ego is solitaire and feels the presence of the other

as a nuisance to its respect.


Instead, the Natural Movement for all those forms of energy which are bereft of Ego is extroverted like that of a flower. The petals, forming together many patterns with their individual colors, seem to always remember they exist only as parts of one same flower.



As earth is my witness

"We are all connected. As earth is my witness."

That is what Buddha said at the end of his journey.

Buddha meditating had virtually retraced his many lives lived as rich and as poor and he had realized in the end that all the situations were reconnected by one single commonality: suffering.

Greed and the many expectations of the people were the cause of it.

Once recognized the many faces of the Human Ego, Buddha had reached his own conclusions.


As to say that:

An Ego that "feels the full stomach" also rolls down from Its top.

It has the advantage to reach while still alive

the only true "promise land": the valley of Equality.

Having tasted the flavors and satisfied the cravings, at its climax,

the Ego realizes that all the fuss and all those things

are only much about "nothing".



I is

Most people think of themselves

in terms of one continuous permanent self.

Not only do most people think

that at the core of their being is an unchanging self

but they think that this being (Ego) is separate

from all other beings and also from their own body and mind. 

It almost seems the definition of a ghost.

Instead, after death our body of mass will disintegrate throughout the environment in the smallest particles and these will join other particles of other bodies of mass to complete new forms of energy like a plant or water or even a new human being. In fact, the particles of our body have been in the past the particles of other bodies of mass.


The belief in an afterlife sets in our subconscious a mechanism of excusable postponements as if we had the eternity to live with happiness. If we were not deceived by these false promises and would accept that the possibility of an after-life doesn't exist then we would live differently our only existence.

For example, we may discover that happiness in people is measured by their attention to details perceived in the present moment.

One unhappy individual is instead who always bypass the present moment only to get ready for a "worrisome" future.




Nationalism extends the concept of Ego

from the single Individual to the entire society,

constituting antagonism between that society and all the others.

Also for this reason,

Ego and Nationalism are a constant threat for the whole Humankind.


Nationalism blinds the minds of the people.

They believe to love their homeland only as long as they all think the same. And that is how the individual ends up loving a Country of slaves not realizing to be himself also a slave.


An ideal World would be without borders as one single Country and in parallel Humanity would have the Awareness of one single Organism.



Climate of Cultures

While one could not generalize about the characteristics of anyone individual, it would be possible instead to define with precision the features of all cultures. That is because people react differently in regard to the culture of the Country in which they are born; some totally embracing it while others instead even rejecting it. So you could not say that all Jews behave the same way or that all English people think alike, but, you could tell exactly what their cultures are about and what they teach to their own citizens.

Cultures originate from local traditions that have evolved over thousands of years in their historical environment and geographical climate. In Time they have become what they are today.


It would seem that societies living in cold temperatures favor the use of Reason more than those in hot Countries which are instead more inclined toward Instinct and the rule of Strength.


For the individual, Awareness is always the product of a clash between Reason and Instinct.


In relation to a multitude, Culture for a Society is the equivalent of Awareness for the Individual. The average understanding or Reason acquired in a society impacts with the average Instinct of that same society (also determined by its climate) to define customs and Culture.


Hence, Awareness and Cultures could both change over time with new understandings but only when a new Reason could be felt well

"under the skin".



In the West

In the cultures of the Western World, the Bible had a profound influence on customs and traditions of the people.

Since the beginning, the Bible had also marked

the path for Individuality (or Ego) separating God's "chosen people" from the rest of Humankind and from Equality.

The Bible teaches us to identify God with our highest Ego or with the Best of all according to our Individual human perception.


One Divinization of the Ego is directly reflected in the Bible's teaching: "God created man in His own image and likeness".


This misleading awareness and the reduction of the Divine within the Human perception have had enormous repercussions among the western cultures. 



The Jewish Culture

In the past, the many Cultures had different values that distinguished one from the other in the various places of the World.


In our days, mostly because of the media,

the Jewish Culture is quickly spreading

and should no longer be intended as only for people of Jewish faith


Today, at least one value in the life of the Individual

must be more important than Money or else, willing or unwilling,

one would be already part of that Culture.


Nevertheless, most people do not know much about the many migrations and the causes that led the Jewish people throughout the centuries to be expelled so many times from the places in which they have lived. In 1250 B.C. from Egypt, then in the sixth century B.C. from Babylon, again in the first century almost extinguished by the Roman Empire, then thrown out from Spain in the fifteen century and in the last century decimated by Russia and Germany.

The repeating motive is a social discontent.


The permissive Jewish culture gained notoriety for its modus operandi. When all is acceptable and the society becomes stripped of all of its values except for one, then Money becomes its only Ruler.


With the value of Money at the top of a social virtual pyramid, all other values beneath (like love, family, friendship, honesty and others) are quickly reconsidered and placed at a new distance from that top. 



Lao Tze and Confucius

A legend says

that one day the two most famous Chinese philosophers had met.


Lao Tze said that he believed in the wholeness of all things.

Confucius instead was a moralist and had an opinion on everything.

He was in search of what was Good for the society.


Lao Tze was opposed to moralists like Confucius since he believed that the will of Good in order to exist would have necessarily given birth to the opposite concept of Bad, claiming that the concept of Good was only an individual perception and not a universal concept since it would not be perceived from everyone as such.


Lao Tze thought that Humanity gave too much weight to senses and perceptions and little value to that single Universal Law we all constantly live with: The Law of Opposites.




Each society has its traditions

that as a whole are the origin of values and local Beliefs.

Their mixture form the Culture of that society.


And, as it often happens for Human nature,

each society will view the morality of the Culture of the neighbor as false or hypocrite since it is judged from a different set of values.


Anything, the same thing, can be perceived as good or as bad, as acceptable or unacceptable depending on the local Culture of the place. The same event is seen through the eyes of a preconceived perception that is offered as a gift in the place of birth.  


But how is it possible to judge for all in regard to what is Good or Bad? For a recognition that goes beyond the single individual there is a need for an objective reference point. This reference could not be human to be universal. Any human individual perception could not be universal just per its definition. For that reference point we have often entrusted Religions with their teachings. The idea of a Divine existence assigns some values associated to the Divinity to then transfer them to Humanity as those to follow.


As a consequence,

according to a certain line of thought attributed to the atheism, it is believed that if the Creator did not exist and if the Human being were the result of an accidental event then all that happens is also accidental and therefore exempt from the judgement of any morality.


Much different is the conception of one Belief in Destiny and of One God that is alien from the perception of Good and Bad.

In the belief of one Destiny there is no space to choose and to judge. The events are what they will be.


But is there a reference point in the Belief of Destiny?

Morality and values should be in line with that single Universal Law that makes Destiny as overlapping to the many events that take place.

These new values should also be aligned with a new science, hence with Wavevolution, since it conclusively shows the same origin of all the Human beings. A new Awareness, raising from these new understandings, will bring light to new values and a new type of Respect that will allow society to function to its full potential.  



Deception as Reality

Psychoanalysis began with Sigmund Freud but became well known throughout the World because of his nephew Edward Bernays who eventually turned out to be the inventor of the modern concept of propaganda. During World War One, Bernays, who had studied as a journalist, was employed by President Wilson in a new State department set to inflame the US public opinion against the Germans.

Although Bernays lived in New York in that period he remained in contact with his uncle who lived in Austria.

After the Great War the entire European continent became ground of enormous changes. In the 1930s, when the Nazis started to go after the Jews, Freud, on the verge of bankruptcy, asked for help to his nephew to publish one of his books in the US. Bernays knew well how to catch the attention of the masses and about this book he emphasized how, according to Freud, the sexual instincts are the main driving force of the behavior of each individual.

The way Bernays promoted psychoanalysis made suddenly famous Freud for all the buzz he managed to create.


Bernays had understood that if propaganda had worked well in a time of war it would also work in a time of peace especially using those same principles used by his uncle. It was necessary to satisfy the human desires hidden in the subconscious by linking them to the many consumer products. The consumer had to change habits.

No longer the necessity but the Human desire had to gain the highest priority in the society. Once the consumer is intimately understood it would have been possible to show some type of linkage between the passions and the dreams of the individual with a certain type of consumer product. In this revolutionary change, the people were made to believe that they could express themselves with their own individuality through the use of consumer goods and the simple acquisition would have given happiness to the consumer if the product was not a mere necessity. Bernays knew that the information determines the behavior (and ultimately the Culture of a society) and that even before one can change the political structure of a society

the individual had to be changed.

In public, the justification of this deceptive conduct was that, even by manipulating the information, there would have been nothing wrong if one could make the consumer feel good by removing mental blocks that otherwise would have deprived such joy.


The psychoanalysis was also used by the CIA in an attempt to experiment with mind control. The CIA had in common with Freud and with Bernays the same Belief: "The masses are in need of a “shepherd” and if left uncontrolled they would have been dangerous for the society." Although, after a few years, the CIA abandoned those experiments to find them useless and not recognizing any scientific validity to the psychoanalysis. 


Ultimately, the psychoanalysis would have wanted to legitimize the therapist who re-established for the patient a new mental state and a new identity. Those patients had to be reduced like in a Tabula Rasa over which, after certain blocks had been removed from their memory, new teachings were introduced by the therapist.


According to Freud, the instincts of the people must be repressed in order to conform to society. Freud believed that Humanity was moved by primitive and dangerous instincts and that it was the job of society to control those forces (as also written in the Protocols of Zion).

There was no mention of who was such source so capable to impart teachings for everyone and apply such control over the whole society.

Perhaps his Jewish teachings implied the same Protocols as guidance.


In reality instead, the Human beings become dangerous as reflections of the society and the environments in which they live.

But Bernays believed otherwise.


Another important change in the US Culture occurred

when Bernays was asked by the tobacco companies to try to raise

their revenues by manipulating the public opinion. Bernays then thought to make the people believe that smoking cigarettes should not be a privileged reserved only for men but also for women.

To succeed in his intent Bernays used creative stratagems using as leverage the concept of equality between the two genders.


Following his huge success, a consortium of large corporations gave him the new mandate to represent their companies and asked if it was also possible to humanize them in the eyes of the people.

In 1939 in New York, Bernays organized a large convention open to the public and called Futurama. Bernays succeeded in this event beyond all expectations. He reshaped the concept of Capitalism identifying it with that of Democracy. He internalized values that gave one the appearance of the other and the promise of how the American dream could develop through consumerism.


Bernays with his propaganda had discovered that if one were to continue to repeat the same lie over and over this would eventually become a reality in the minds of the masses.

For this he needed the help of the media. Restructuring the way to think of each individual would generate a collective consent although this would happen through a series of gradual steps.


To prove their theory, a group of psychotherapists was sent to Los Angeles in a convent called Immaculate Heart to convince the nuns to participate in a certain experiment. This traditional group of nuns was asked to free themselves from inhibitions and express their inner feelings. Through their “inner freedom” techniques a nun showed her affinity as lesbian and in turn influenced about 300 other nuns who then all asked to be released by the Vatican.

After six months that convent was closed.


It was the confirmation of how the Human being lives subjected to a world of perceptions.


With Bernays the entire World had changed and

Deception became the only Reality.



Converging lines

The changes of the Cultures over the times, if compared throughout the centuries, show a gradual, slow but steady Direction toward Equality and Humanity moving away from the Law of Instinct.


In a physical sense, Humanity seems to also pursue another Direction. In fact, the climate changes on the Planet are showing a visible migration of Humankind toward the cooler areas and a rise in the density of the populations that meet more and more on the northern part of the upper hemisphere, toward the North Pole.

As the Oceans are taking back the coasts and the weather gets hotter, the World will soon be populated only in a few areas of the Planet and crowded by people from different Countries, races and Religions.

The hope is that drastic changes can take place before it is too late.


New understandings can lead to one last generation of one Humankind that will believe in Equality also because there will be no other choice. With powerful weapons and technologies soon available to everyone, to coexist in always smaller areas will also mean

to have one same Belief in common.

And a new Belief that will be stable and long lasting

could not be in any way in contradiction with Science.


This last generation will have to refrain from procreating

to maintain a numeric stability.

On the other hand, through the discovery of the DNA and the modern medicine, it will have the possibility to live in a sort of perpetuity

as one same Humankind or as part of a Circle for those survivors.



Circle of Equality

At the foundation of a long lasting social system it must exist a priority of values and, in a system of values, Reason is at the center of the “Circle of the Stronger”.


Imagine, running along the perimeter of a strange circle: the mouse killed by the cat, the cat killed by the lion, the lion killed by the man, the man killed by the bacteria, the bacteria killed by the white cells of the mouse. The survival of each one depends on the survival of those on their sides and that of the entire Circle.



Above all written laws there must be one Mutual Trust that every action will always satisfy the needs of the Circle well before those of any Individual. 



Domino effect 

"Tertium non Datur" the Romans used to say. There is no third option.


There is one Animal kingdom, its pyramidal concept still today observed even by the Human being, and one consequent fight for survival that in this structure is to remain constant.


There is also one concept called Equality that was always a puzzle.  


Then, how could a new Humankind be set apart from the Animal kingdom and how could this change possibly occur?

It is not possible to Respect one Equality that is not understood.


It would take a Plan based on the most solid principles and one strategy led by a new and clear definition of the concept of Equality. 

It would be like entering a labyrinth

with the confidence to find the way out because of one compass

that will help us to navigate and to reach the destination.

Wavevolution offers that compass to navigate in that labyrinth

which is our reality.

Like in a "domino effect" the doors will open one after another

and a mirrored light will show the exit.



A new Exercise

It will be hard work to become people led by principles.

It will be like practicing a new type of exercise.

One should be able to explain at first to oneself and then to others the motive of our actions, to see if they coincide with this new concept of Equality. It would be like having Socrates on one side to always ask questions. Mostly in the beginning, such exercise would be much needed for everyone for Humankind to change. Starting from any initial individual belief on what may be right or wrong one should continue to test and retest the values by being able to explain them to a virtual interlocutor and see if they conform to that concept.

Any experience should be able to enrich and give the opportunity to verify our own values. This behavior will help to gradually define a series of new values that will be more and more in common and in which one day everyone could Believe.


Appropriate programs in the schools should be teaching

to the new generations about the new discoveries of science

and how these new understandings also apply to us, Human beings,

as part of one single system.


For young students an exercise could be in the form of questions.


"if you were a clone and on the entire Planet only two twins were to exist what rules would apply on that Planet?

The premise is that like two shadows one in front of the other they would not know how to distinguish themselves but they would still have to agree on some rules."

This mental exercise would start shaping up a new Humankind

and a type of coexistence for this Ideal World

where crime would be an exclusive of the Animal Kingdom.



Two are too many

An Ideal World would not certainly emerge

from the principles of Christianity that says "to offer the other cheek".

On the contrary, two criminal acts from one same individual

will be just too many.  


In such context a new justice system must be configured to face crime.


As for all killings and premeditated murders the capital punishment would need to be executed right after the verdict is pronounced, while for all other crimes instead anyone would have the right to a second and last possibility to coexist with others but only after going through a different type of penitentiary system.

For those convicted there will only be two possibilities:

their rehabilitation or their elimination

(hence no longer the life term in prison).


In the new justice system, instead of staying in jail, the convicts could work for public or private businesses while being watched on video screens by agents monitoring their movement from a computer. The convicts could have inserted under their skin a microchip to allow for a quick arrest in case of an attempt escape. They could do community work or possibly work as they did prior to their convictions but they will work without pay for the full length of their sentence. They could be provided only with food, shelters and the basic necessities. The businesses hiring these convicts could benefit from the possibility to pay only a small hourly wage and the revenue coming from these salaries will be used to repay the victims of the crimes committed. Once reinstated in the society the convicts will have work expertise and will be easily rehabilitated in the working world and less likely to become perpetual criminals. If the convict will abuse the privilege, attempting to escape or else, they will then be proven unfit and forever lose the privilege to live with the rest of society.

In such case,

for the individual there would be nothing left but his or her extinction



Rights at birth

How could the concept of Equality coexist

with the cult of Individualism of Capitalistic societies?

The eternal struggle between rich and poor originates from a certain right commonly taken for granted: the right to wealth at birth.

That is the first obstacle for Equality.

What would be the merit of an individual at birth in a Capitalistic society that is based upon work-reward and meritocracy?

If inheritance were eliminated the whole Planet would likely find a new equilibrium in the time span of one new generation. Like also if all people were to start their Capitalistic race from the same starting point then that race would really be about competition and the obtained benefits would then be well deserved. It would only take a few changes. The private property of the people will be returned to the State after the death of each person to be auctioned among all citizens.

People could spend as much as they want to educate their children but donations and inheritance would not be allowed.

Equal opportunities would then exist for all the "newly arrived".



Paradoxes in private property

Any concept to be universally valid would have to pass the test

in any circumstance, including a paradox.


Without “Yes, but” or “No, but”,

the answer should always be the same in all cases.


The question in regard:

is private property a human right?

For example, what if all spaces above our head were privatized (as it is already for the airways owned by private airlines) and the owners started to charge a fee to all those who want to look up? 

Was a crime being committed if someone did not want to pay

for the refusal to only look down?


Privatized potable water could also make us think of some paradox.

For example, suppose a population were dying from thirst and took over the water supplies of a private company.

If these people drank all the water and left without paying, was a crime perhaps being committed?

Surely not.


Private property is not a human right but a convenience that is acceptable only when is not “inconvenient” for the majority.


If we wanted to think of the origin of the concept of private property we should then try to imagine two primitive individuals of the Stone Age that met right in front of a water spring:

Going through the desert "A" became thirsty and needed water.

"B" had built his home right next to an oasis, the only source of water in that desert. When A saw the water he came close to drink it. At this point B had the choice to either let A drink or demand a price in return for "his" water. Once B asked and received compensation, in exchange for water that until then was never his own, B had created the concept of private property and also one possible market to exchange its value.


Until then, water was never meant to belong to anyone

and was simply a gift from the Creation.



Strength and Deception

Like the Lion and the Tiger.

The first is like a straight frontal punch,

the other instead is a hook that always strikes from behind.

They both know that they can overpower you but while

one is more instinctive and finds completion in the confrontation,

the other instead use self-restraint not to waste its energy.


It would be possible to make a parallel for that difference

between the governments of today and the Empires of yesterday.

In the past, Empires and colonialists Nations

chose to use the brutal Force over the conquered Countries

to bleed them from their natural resources.

Today instead, using Deception, the same colonialists Nations give the appearance to want to guarantee freedom and Democracy everywhere and for everyone but in fact they make them bleed just the same.


In a figurative manner, it would be like saying that a Superpower

came close to a small Country and said to the local governor:

If you want to live well you must always do as I tell you.

Even when I tell you to lie.

From now on you will have to lie to your people

and like an actor you must also do it well.

I will give you now a rich "democracy" that will generate a debt with us. That debt will grow more and more and your people will pay for it.

But you need not to worry.

You only need to lie.

You will see, your people will be happy at first then ... will be furious.

For a while they will get used to but then they will even get more furious. They will come down to the squares screaming from the top of their lungs against all the lies and the corruption.

You need not to worry.

You just remember you only need to lie.

We'll take care of all the rest.



The new Empire

No Empire was ever just, democratic or neutral.

That is not how the power is being acquired.

To form an Empire, the cruelty, the scheming and the hunger for power could never stop in front of anything.

It is a constant struggle for the supremacy.

And the British Empire has had 3 centuries of this ill-bred experience.


Today there is no longer a British Empire but an Anglo Establishment that expands to all English speaking Countries, the so called 5 Eyes or USA, UK, Canada, Australia and New Zealand that last century had formed a sinister alliance with its alter Ego: the Jewish people.


But more recently, in a Machiavellian way,

there was a change of the guard.


If the last empire was the British the new one is that of Israel

still hidden under the vests of the Statue of Liberty.


The total absence of scruples and values with the exception of Money is the difference between all the Empires of the past and Israel.

Deception will reign Sovereign.



Similarities between Empires

When emperor Hadrian started to import arts and culture from Greece this influence was soon felt over the whole Roman Empire.

They said: "Graecia capta ferum victorem coepit et artes intulit agresti Roma" or "the conquered Greece conquers the rough winner, introducing culture in the farms of Rome".

To this extent the Greeks believed their captor, the Roman Empire, was beneficial to Greece because it was promoting their civilization expanding it through the engine of the Roman Empire.


If we compare Rome to the USA, as the only superpower, we can see how also the USA is spreading a culture not originally its own.


For a long time, the USA have been under the strong influence of the Jewish culture. For example, the American tradition that makes joyful an event like a funeral is straight from the Talmud and a drastic change from the millenary Christian tradition of mourning the dead.

In the USA, the Jewish Culture has reaffirmed many of its values and has also reunited the concept of Democracy with that of Capitalism.


In complete antithesis, in Israel it is also experimented the only applied concept of Communism which is called Kibbutz.

Which one of the two is the real lovechild of Israel?

Communism or Capitalism?

The hope is that one third child is soon to be born.



Common and Individual interests

If all the goods in the World were 100 apples and only 10 people were to live on this Planet, these 10 people would have 3 choices:

1)  Each one could share the 100 apples.

2)   Everyone could compete (or fight) for those 100 apples so that some may have more than 10 apples and some will end up with none.

3) All people could be guaranteed to have 10 apples and those who are willing and capable to produce from that starting point could have even more (for example planting the seeds of those apples). Their work would then become a reward besides those 10 apples which are guaranteed. 


Communism is choice number one.

Capitalism is choice number two.

Commutalism is choice number three.


The difference between these 3 is that corruption could infect the first or the second choice but not the third one which has been built with a different structure. 


Besides that,

Communism limits the human spirit and dims the ambitions which are needed to generate the spark and generate new ideas for the future.

This concept of sharing finds its main obstacle in the Ego within all Human beings.



Capitalism exploits those economically weak and values the human being according to wealth and private property.

Based on competition and discordance this system will punctually lead to unsustainable extremes. 


If Commutalism were to rise it would be like a new race for those who want to run while for all others ....... they will still have 10 apples.



“Do ut des”

Humanity has shown over the centuries what comes with the use and abuse of Trust and today a system of government that only offers a promise from a politician should no longer be considered.


Already in 42 B.C. Cicero said:

"A nation can survive its fools, and even the ambitious. But it cannot survive treason from within. An enemy at the gates is less formidable, for he is known and he carries his banners openly. But the traitor moves among those within the gate freely, his sly whispers rustling through all the alleys, heard in the very halls of government itself. For the traitor appears not traitor, he speaks in the accents familiar to his victims, and he wears their face and their garments, and he appeals to the baseness that lies deep in the hearts of all men. He rots the soul of a nation, he works secretly and unknown in the night to undermine the pillars of a city, he infects the body politic so that it can no longer resist. A murderer is less to be feared."


In the system of government of an Ideal World there would no longer be the need for Trust. Instead, there must be clear certainty for the Respect of its laws, hence the transparency of Commutalism.


In parallel also the economy would need similar changes.


To replace the current monetary system of Federal Reserve in the US or Central Banking today ruling, in Europe and other Countries, the structure of the system must radically change.


In an ideal World, the monetary system would not need an external entity (like Federal Reserve or Central Banking) to print its own currency, or the backing of a commodity (as gold once was).

Instead the money supply (here intended as one single currency for the whole World) must be of a well-defined quantity in order to offer that transparency and accountability which will be needed. Since in Commutalism each type of transaction must be reported on the Net also every change in the values of ownership of each individual will have to be traceable and reported always on the Net.



Surveillance and Transparency

In a real Democracy the right of one will be the right of all

and even the use of mass surveillance

could be used in order to create an ideal World.


From satellites to drones, the mass surveillance is nowadays

an irreversible system today in the hands of only a few individuals.

It will only be possible to transfer the control of these new instruments but not to eliminate them.


The privacy is a prerogative of the past and will no longer exist.

Although the old privacy could be replaced by a new form of security never seen before.


One day the same mass surveillance could monitor the respect among the individuals and the transparency of a new system of government

in all places and at all times being accessible by anyone.

That World will be very different than what it is today.


Turning our attention back to the present time and to the past we can notice how since the beginning of time there has been a War waged against the common good and against Equality.

This old War continues today through the use of the modern technology with new pretenses and with more grandiose ambitions.


It will be imperative to totally change the rules of the game.


Think of how the human resources would be much more efficient if the corruption of the politics would vanish as we no longer have the need for politicians. Think of the immense resources used today for the armaments and to defend all borders and how they could be used otherwise if those borders no longer existed.


Never was and never will be any honest politics in this World

and still we need rules to govern our coexistence.


In an ideal World without borders there would only be a direct Democracy like Commutalism.


There is a substantial difference between direct Democracy and representative Democracy as the one exercised today.

The myth that people are not able to decide on their own and that elites should also legislate on their behalf is part of an old propaganda.


Let there be no illusions.

There will never be an end to corruption

until the arrival of direct Democracy.


All the many attempts trying more or less in good faith

to repair a broken and corrupted system

are in fact only there to protect that same status quo.



The First Steps

The first steps of a revolution are always difficult to make especially if they need to be coordinated among many people. In general, it can be said that a herd of cattle would continue grazing tomorrow like it did yesterday unless those Animals will find an obstacle in front.

In parallel, even the Human beings would not be inclined to a drastic change unless they are forced to do it. A World War would force them. It could open the eyes to many people and bring them to steer into a new Direction. Although a World War would be less than desirable this is already at our doorsteps.


When many eyes will open to that new reality it will be important to have a path that has already been marked and a vision for the future that may be understandable for the masses.


We should keep our eyes fixed on the final objective.

That is the sustainability of the Humankind and of the Planet.

In order to reach this goal it would take a radical change of views and such change would only be possible with a new Belief in the World.


In our days, most people are only interested in their family and to achieve results that could be enjoyed during their lifetime or at most that of their children. In this respect, the approach should be extended and changed with a substitution in the terms.

Ideally, for each individual, the family should represent Humankind and the children instead should represent all the future generations.

But from such change we are still far away.


Another change should regard the relation with money.

For example, they often say that without money many things would not be possible. Such view must be abandoned as that is misleading and mystifying. Projects that could have helped Humanity in different ways have been often put aside only because of their costs.

But what if this transfer of money, which is often only virtual (or without a material movement of the banknotes as a wire transfer) would never happen again, would that mean that any project could never again be finalized? If money were to be completely eliminated, would the World perhaps come to a halt? Besides the incentive of money what would prevent those same people from doing that same work? It is important to keep in mind that money as incentive is simply a manufactured idea.


And finally, why continue to play the same Monopoly game after that a few individuals have already stolen all the money?




In the past, even a system like Communism that aspired to be the champion of human rights has been demonized by those who wanted to hold on to their power at all costs. Their propaganda managed to convince also the poor that fighting for their own rights would have been an infamous crime perpetrated by "godless" communists.


In the end, Communism failed mostly because of the corruption but part of it was also for its dissonance and structural contradictions that were actually opposite to the much proclaimed Equality.


One parallel could be made between Christianity and Communism that while proclaiming Equality are both structured within a pyramidal system with at the top the only real beneficiaries.


A system truly based upon Equality has not been seen yet on this Planet.




Since the end of World War Two, the United States of America has promoted worldwide the concept of Capitalism which in theory is a form of Democracy. This system of government is supposed to allow free trading of all material goods in a market open to the competition of their prices. In its application, instead, due to its structure and lack of transparency (like the closed doors board meetings), this system was ruled only by greed and corruption.

That is why today the rich got richer while the poor got even poorer. 


Capitalism is a mechanism that runs like many wheels in motion and none of which could ever stop running.

For example if a company selling computers had trouble delivering because the tracking business were shut down, then also the company selling computers would shut down as well.


In the name of Capitalism, the cost of living is constantly rising (inflation) for the sole purpose of sustaining the growth and profits of companies traded in the stock markets. No other real reason.

In fact, technology has largely increased the World productivity, the reserves and the supplies of all consumer goods even if we were to consider the increase in modern populations worldwide. 


Capitalism has also changed the values in our societies.

Now we believe "the more the better". So we spend our lives rushing to work and to produce material objects which we have learnt to "love". In capitalistic societies you will often find the word Love being associated with material goods. This blind marathon, imposed by Capitalism, has further fomented the Egoism and also destroyed the concept of Family. Money has risen on top of the pyramid as the highest of values and has rearranged all the other values down below.


In a system of values like this one, is money more valuable than Life? Perhaps, the question may seem rhetorical.

But what is money and how to compare Life with this “colored paper”? Could a new system of government work if the driving motivation were different than just money?


Instead of money, societies could find the incentive in that Instinctive human desire which is different for everyone and that, if it were exempt from the financial blackmail, would always bring out the full potential of each Human being.  If productivity must grow to sustain a larger World population then it would take a new system capable to express the utmost efficiency of the Human potential.

DNA could tell us which ones are our talents and best skills that could be utilized by the single individual for the common good of a society.

This would not be an obligation on the part of the citizen but it would certainly provide help for a direction.

In the wider sense, Equality between individuals would exist in the capability to develop each our own faculties and manifest at best our potential in the work environment through DNA examinations.

The driving force for the worker would then change from money to fulfillment of the individual skills.

Could you imagine living and producing spontaneously for yourself and for others, effortlessly, and contributing at best to society? 

It would seem a utopia.  



The Bridge

A utopia is not necessarily like a possibility. Any possibility to be called as such would need to have its development from beginning to end. The concept of an ideal World whose premises and initial conditions were not reachable from the point where we are today would make that idea a utopia. To be defined as a possibility, at least in theory a marked path should exist. But how would it be possible to create a bridge to get to this hypothetical ideal World from the point where we are today? How to get from point A to point C not knowing point B?

Recognizing it would offer a Direction.

Besides, even if only one path were to exist this would make that idea no longer a utopia but a possibility.


Then if the goal of a society were to prioritize the life

of the Human being, even in respect to the value of money,

and if to achieve that it would take a government like Commutalism, before this could be applied three conditions would need to occur.

At first the expressed will of the voting majority to have a Democracy. Another premise would be that there were no more borders or individual States. One third and last premise is that lack of mutual respect would no longer be tolerated.


It would then be possible to have a total account of all public property (at the moment in the hands of the different States) to add it to all of the private properties to get to know qualities and quantities of all properties on the Planet. Since Commutalism is a new form of Capitalism organized for only those goods which are exceeding the Human needs we would have to first recognize which ones are those needs to be able to satisfy them.

Once taken into account the minimum acceptable standard of living for each Human being that amount can be detracted from the total of the properties on the Planet to leave the rest up for grab among those willing to participate in this new form of Capitalism.


After all, a new Humankind would no longer need a chief, a king or a president. All it needs is a path. All it takes is that bridge.



New Humankind

In a future ideal World, in the schools and in all places, the populations would need to be reeducated. The spirit of the individual will no longer have to live as predator or as prey as it is per law of the Animal kingdom. On the contrary, everyone will be aware that at least the existential needs will always be satisfied and for this purpose a supporting system must be put in place for everyone.

Not to lose self-respect will be essential for this new society and it will help the next generations to replace the present Animal Culture.


On the other hand, from the individual it will be required to exercise one mutual respect whose value will be highly regarded and if it were denied it would cost in the end even the life of the same individual since that could not coexist in this ideal World.


The same privilege, offered to anyone to survive

without the need to work, would be equal to that respect

and the lack of it would be intolerable.



New Awareness

A new Awareness must be able to neutralize the Human Ego and for that it will take new understandings and a new Reason.

For a new Humankind, with a new Awareness, Love for oneself will be conceived as Love for a person that is no longer the same on the next instant in Time, since, at the passage of each next moment, each of us becomes a different individual.

The evolution occurs on an instant.

All this will be well known among the people of this new society.

This type of Love for oneself is what should be ultimately intended as Love towards the rest of Humanity.


In this new Humankind, any individual will also know how to take the right distance from the fallacious sensations and Human perceptions. Aware of the existence of one Destiny that resides well beyond any human understanding, the individual would be grateful to live as spectator and at the same time also as actor for all those same events which are part of one Master Plan. The individual would also know that the Universe is simply moving energy and that is our perceptions responsible to turn that into a story.


It is a Divine Play.



Divine Expression

What to make of morality or any sense of what is right or wrong if one were to believe in Destiny? If one Destiny exists what merit and what responsibility would anyone have?


For this Belief, every action is precisely what allows the passage of any amount of energy from any one place to another.

Hence also the transfer of any idea.


Then what kind of values may exist in a society that believes in Destiny? Would these citizens have any reason any longer to fear for their future? For their Death? What would be the awareness of a robot conscious that the same awareness is also part of a Destiny and not its own as it feels under the skin? The thick fog surrounding the concept of Time is what keeps hidden the many answers.


One should reconcile the lack of existence of Time for each individual with a chain of events. It would be like comparing the stability of an image in a mirror with the living object in front of that mirror.

They are two parallel and different dimensions. 

In a Human and temporary dimension, the Universe could be seen as a sequence of snapshots where all particles together will manifest on each moment in Time an always new and different expression of one Divine Idea. This Idea was mother of the concepts Time, Space and Movement since the event of the Big Bang (about 14 billion years ago). In a dimension beyond Time there is no Past and one Destiny as such should not be thought as pre-established.

In perfect symbiosis, on each moment in Time, the Divine Idea always coincides with the present moment.


A Humankind that will be caring for the other, for the next moment and for the next generations will be the mirror image of a Divine expression pleased with Itself.


But if one were to believe in Destiny then what would be the need of talking or even writing about it?

If on a certain day a certain event will have to occur for a new awareness to spread everywhere then also an event prior to that one would have to occur and again another and so on going back until the events of today.

And at last, somehow somewhere it would need to be mentioned.



Destiny on a curve

A sharp turn is fast approaching but …

was it only for a change of perception of the people or for one abrupt curve of Destiny, any drastic change to be beneficial to Humankind would have to include 2 outcomes: 

1)  Money will have to cease to be the Master to become the servant of Humankind.

2)   No single individual or group of individuals could govern on behalf of the rest as Trust will no longer be one of the components of a future form of government.


Something new will have to capture the attention of the people and hold it far from their mirrors and away from their cravings for money.


This would only happen with One new Belief in the World.


Destiny, or the chain of events, will not change.

Instead it will change the way people will live their life.


God's Idea is designed like from many segments which are all moving straight inside one Sphere. Thus, our lives (or those segments) often take sharp turns to run with straight lines the countless possibilities of One Destiny on a curve.



Religion vs Science

Since the time of Galileo, anytime a scientific finding has challenged one religious dogma, science has always had to yield before Religion.

Often, the same scientists felt compelled to yield.

One example was when Einstein became alienated by the concept of Quantum mechanics because he didn’t want to accept

a "World of probabilities" contrary to his Jewish Religion.

This happened even after a discovery that had finally revealed the key to comprehend the Universe.


It would seem that Religious scientists are those less likely to find that objectivity needed to recognize the origin of the Universe.


More examples are from recent scientists that have introduced new theories, but, just like Einstein, the promoters of the Standard Model (Sheldon Lee Glashow and Steven Weinberg) and String Theory (Leonard Susskind) are Jewish scientists strongly supported by the media that popularize their theories even if they are both inconclusive when attempting to explain how the Universe could have been created from those conditions.


Traditional science experimented that at approximately 3 milli Kelvin the photons first change into electrons and positrons and then destroy each other. This is taking us closer to confirm Wavevolution.

In fact, one day we will find out that at an even cooler temperature, those 2 opposite charges will not annihilate each other but instead will begin to form into a new mass, proving this transformation to be just the opposite of the radiation. 



Science and Religion 

In spite of two findings from Einstein and Planck, one to show the equation between atoms and energy and the other to discover the constant between waves' frequencies and energy, traditional science has never closed the circle. 


Still today, science does not recognize

the transformation from waves to atoms.


Wavevolution is the transformation opposite to nuclear fission.


Although scientists in the past had played with the idea that waves could transform into atoms no one before had discussed the consequences of this finding.


The many revelations that originated from this transformation have repercussions well beyond the progress of science and with domino effect they point to new horizons never seen before.


Wavevolution is the link that was missing to reveal the Creation.


Wavevolution shows how the origin of all energy was first waves and then atoms, how the behavior in waves and atoms is identical and how One same movement common to all energy is comparable to One Divine Will that creates the whole Universe.

The Human being, like the entire mass in the Universe, is the product of a gradual change that began with the transformation of waves.


The bureaucracy of traditional science

does not allow the recognition of Wavevolution since its verification does not meet some of the pre-established criteria.


In fact, the problem is in the compilation of these laws or criteria like the "uncertainty principle" from Heisenberg which was introduced in 1927 as a pillar of science and that is not only erroneous as it is, but also became an insurmountable obstacle for all scientific progress, imposing limits that makes it impossible to recognize the concept of simultaneity.  Misleading paradox like "space curved" and "theory of Relativity" from Einstein or also like the "Schrödinger's cat" originate from this same misstep of science.


The popular theory of Relativity from Einstein reports that any Universal Truth will never be reachable through science.

All people were made to believe what the same Jewish scientist believed or that to accept science is to also reject the faith in God.


At the time, the scientist was clearly referring to that God invented by Moses in the Bible but today the coordinates of science have changed.

With new horizons, the old Religions show their color and those limits that separate the Human race from One eternal Truth.


Since the discovery of Wavevolution,

Science and Religion are one and the same.



The misunderstood energy

Newton’s first law of inertia says:

"An object at rest stays at rest and an object in motion stays in motion with the same speed and in the same direction unless acted upon by an unbalanced force."

But how could this be possible?

How could any object be at rest?

Does Stability perhaps exist in a Universe formed by energy?

Certainly not.

Per definition energy is movement hence unstable.

Any existence is not and could never be at rest.

All change, move and transform, always and regardless.

It is just from this first principle that a New Science needs to be formed.



One Law

In the entire Universe, all energy follows one single Movement abiding only One Law not generated by Mankind. This is the Law of Attraction for all opposite and complementary elements.

This is Quantum mechanics.


Although this single Law moves all energy in symmetry, the apparent chaos in the Universe would seem unpredictable

and non-symmetrical in all places.  

That is why scientists theorized about the existence of four natural laws (gravity, electromagnetism, weak and strong nuclear forces)

but in fact it is only One Law.


Back in the eighteen century Simon Laplace already said: "We may regard the present state of the universe as the effect of its past and the cause of its future. An intellect which at a certain moment would know all forces that set nature in motion, and all positions of all items of which nature is composed, if this intellect were also vast enough to submit these data to analysis, it would embrace in a single formula the movements of the greatest bodies of the universe and those of the tiniest atom; for such an intellect nothing would be uncertain and the future just like the past would be present before its eyes."


Even if such formula remains still today out of the human reach,

it is now evident that each Movement

is from the urgency and necessity of the energy

to reach a determined Space and to reestablish a new equilibrium.


To recognize the symmetries governed by this Law is to also recognize God's Will (or Destiny) revealed by that constant Movement of energy started with the Big Bang about 14 billion years ago

and remained unchanged ever since.



The invisible Equilibrium

Because of the same mechanism one can deduct that electrons do not collapse into their nucleus as one "pulling force" originating from all external mass will keep them levitating around the nucleus.

As the radiating electron loses part of its energy

the same amount of energy is constantly replenished

by the surrounding energy which is attracted from that deficiency.

In other words, the totality of all the rest, external to the atom, and within the entire Universe results in one very light positive charge that maintains the electron around the orbit and offsets precisely the charge of that proton. This occurs for each atom and each particle.



DIMENSION & dimension

One Divine Dimension without Time, Space and Movement (in Stability) is unreachable to us living instead in a limited dimension which is defined by those three concepts.


To somehow confront these 2 Dimensions we could think of them in terms of two velocities, one known as the speed of light and the other unknown and here considered as if It were "beyond" the speed of light.


Any Movement up to the speed of light shows only one Space at one Time (like for example in your Life, which is your Movement, on each moment in Time you occupy only one Space).


Instead, beyond the speed of light, the restrictions of physic are bypassed and the equilibrium is broken between the 3 concepts

Time, Space and Movement.

One Movement beyond the speed of light

will show at least Two Spaces at one Time.

As if that Energy, flying over a mirror, were to exist at the same time

in front of Its reflected image and also beyond that mirror.


In parallel, imagine an Idea capable to travel faster than light.

Its travel would also create one Existence although This could be materialized only when the slower energy will have reached in time those spaces already reached and created by the Idea that would be mother of all that exists.


Such Idea would also reduce the importance and meaning of one presumed Human free will since life and its events are virtually created even before we can live them.


Although in absence of Time the concept "before" does not exist,

Life would then be like a shadow that follows the light,

whereas the shadow is energy and the Light is One Divine Idea.



Eternal Light

In a Divine Dimension,

God's Idea is like one photon of light trapped between two mirrors.

Like an eternal ping pong for One Dimension beyond Time.


In our dimension, instead,

the photon exists as if it were within a crystal sphere.

The mirrored walls re-launch the same Light in an always new direction and Its reflected image from side to side appears already different, just like everything appears also to our perceptions



Perception of One  

When you see a tree you perceive the Individuality of that tree from all the rest that surrounds it.

When you look at a branch you distinguish the Individuality of that branch from all the rest that surrounds it.

When you observe a leaf you recognize the Individuality of that leaf from all that surrounds it.

But where is the Individuality of that branch or that of the leaf when you perceive the Individuality of the tree? 

There is one illusive perception forever splitting the entirety of One.  



2 in 1

How to articulate the principle of perennial positive and negative charges within each charge either positive or negative?

Every element is either positive or negative only in relation to one particular form of energy but each of those same element is also one complete form for a less complex union of two other opposites.



One “fractured” Zero

Intelligence is a definition from the Latin language "inter lego" or

"read between the lines".

As consequence, intelligence originates from a deductive method and from an observation of at least two pre-existing points.

Thus, God, as First Input, does not have intelligence.

Instead It has the simplest of all Wills: the One split into 2.

Since then, the symmetry of all.


God's Idea, born from Stability, is as if It were One “fractured” Zero.

Since the Big Bang, from Zero to its 2 halves: +1 and -1. 

God’s Idea is the simplest Idea, mother of all ideas.

All other ideas are more complex and each with its own opposite.

Two opposites of One single Will.



Will of Energy

Imagine as if all energy think. Not only the Human being as complex form of energy but also each molecule, each atom of the molecule, each photon of light had its own will that pulls on one side or the other according to its own individual electric charge.

The energy would then seem as steering a wheel and providing a Direction that coincides with Destiny.



Only then

Only with a new awareness of the Creation

it will be possible for Humankind to change Direction.


Only with the understanding of Wavevolution

that the Creation at the time of the Big Bang

was an event that broke The One into symmetries

and only then,

it will also be possible to view in a new light

each individual and each other form of existence.


Before then

we will continue to live as part of the Animal kingdom. 



Unbelievable Truth

The Truth always seems unbelievable

because It transcends our individual perception.

Example: if we were inside an immense cone without a top and we were looking up, even if we knew that God was in the center of that presumed top, our sights would always end up against the walls of that cone. We would never be able to look at the far top in the center because of our perceptions. Like kites in the wind, the perceptions will always change our understanding of that unaltered Center.  



Parallel mirrors

We live our life led by our perceptions as if they were many small mirrors glued on our skin. They reflect one mixture of colors and distinguish our unique Individuality.


Imagine many broken mirrors suspended in air that slowly spin,

as to look around. Each perception interacts with those outside like a mirror in front of other mirrors.

To recognize those in front is to also distinguish Oneself from the rest.

This is how the perception of the Ego is born.


Only when two mirrors become parallel at a certain distance they could look at each other and not recognizing which one is which.

The two opposite mirrors can each identify within the frame of the other to lose themselves in their reflected image ...... and to gain a new Respect for one another.


The Respect for Equality would occur just like this,

with a change of perceptions.



Love from 2 opposites

On every moment of our life, those we believe to be deliberate actions originate from the perception of one presumed Free Will.

Also, any perception of this Will is always finalized either:

to benefit someone else (to Give)


to benefit oneself (to Take).

All relations are based on one exchange between Giving and Taking.

All except one, Love.


Imagine a triangle and the two perceptions, Giving and Taking, to run up to the converging sides of the triangle and to reach the top.

Only when the 2 perceptions run opposite and at the same speed they will meet face to face.

From their clash is ignited the spark of Love.

The top of the triangle joins and nullifies the 2 opposite perceptions.

In time, the two perceptions could change and the spark could vanish as Love is not Good or Bad but the meeting of 2 opposites.



Equality and Opposites

The spark of Love, or perception from opposites, is only possible between two individuals. Instead, among a group of people, or in a society, Love could not exist as that perception of one individual whose opposite would coincide with that of everyone else unless those perceptions were manipulated and guided to make believe it (like for example in the worship of the Pharaohs). 


That ultimate Respect is to be found between two people in the attraction for our differences while in a society instead the attraction should originate from what we have in common.

The meaning of Respect in a society is measured by the initial acceptance without prejudice for the diversity of the people.


Hence, Equality everywhere in the World ... but not in the bedroom. 




If altruism were to spread everywhere it would place the Ego outside its natural center and would regard the other’s interests as our own.

At first, altruism could seem contrary to Instinct and survival of Life, but, since the beginning of Time, energy was always fragmented and formed by more than just one element.


In parallel, the multi-organism is what formed Life as result of a variation to the perennial conflict between one cell and the other.

This is generated by the union of different cells attracted in order to complement each other in a new form of energy.

The multi-organism, caused by union rather than conflict, is the mechanic cause for the evolution of Life.


Among many cultures there is one example where altruism is the driving force for a society living in harmony.

This example is offered by the original spirit of Aloha in Hawaii.



History cycles

History has always repeated itself

since Human behavior has never changed.

The primordial Law of the strongest is still dominant today in all modern societies and has simply mutated from physical to financial.


Without a change of Direction we will be soon in front of a New World Order and in this messianic tyranny one single Individual will dictate his will to the entire World.


The same ending of the New World Order could happen only when a new Awareness will have reprogrammed the reactions of our Instinct to become a Humankind distinguished from the Animal Kingdom.


In all cycles of history, Animals have recognized

only Strength and Deception

and that is why they have always lived in cycles of extinctions.

One day a new Humankind will survive those extinctions

and continue to exist thank to new understandings

and one new Belief in the World.



Tertium Non Datur

The pages you have read would have wanted to be like a journey during which at the end of each paragraph

you would have made one decision.

One of two choices.

If you had thought that what you have just read was not plausible you would have stopped reading and disregard the whole thing but if instead you had agreed with its coherence and line of thinking then you would have continued to read and decided to never return on that same topic again. That is to make possible to have some reference points and because, point after point, we may finally find the coordinates for a new Direction. 

The reasoning behind is that our cultures are teaching us

to always steer away from certainties almost to fear them,

preferring instead the Religious dogma.

We should be able to raise any possible doubt about anything without ever having to fear the outcome.

One unchanging Destiny exists regardless from fears.


Since all sources of public information like the media are always at work to manipulate words, distort facts and discredit everything and since even the same Einstein erroneously convinced the World of science that any absolute Truth would not exist in accord to his theory of Relativity, in the present state of confusion it would be almost impossible to pursue any direction with confidence and support from the masses. At this point even if there was only one Plan with a clear direction, like this World conspiracy, then, this Plan would be just like that of the one-eye pirate left unchecked in a room full of blinds.


The time is now for all eyes to open.


The solution is in Wavevolution.


It is certainly a remedy "sui generis". 


It is also the only alternative to a white flag.





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